10 Effective Marketing Tools A Business Should Use And Know More About

10 Effective Marketing Tools A Business Should Use And Know More About
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To be effective with marketing campaigns and websites, a business and marketing professionals must use a variety of tools. With big data, comes big opportunity, and big work. It is work to get through all of it, understand it, know what to do with it and why. Furthermore, a business should know how to do it efficiently and effectively.  Marketing has become much more complicated.

Marketing is a complex task these days. The Internet brings tremendous opportunity and added complexity that organizations must adept too. A business must grow successfully with the changes to reap the benefits of them.  Since the landscape of marketing has drastically changed over the last view years, companies must utilize appropriate tools to stay competitive with these changes.

A business should use and know more about these websites, companies, and solutions. They can significantly enhance the results of marketing and advertising efforts, and ultimately profits.  Some tools are for reports, analysis; measuring, other tools are for marketing such as SEO, content, and social media. All these tools can bring the user and business great results.

10 Effective Marketing Tools


HootSuite is one of the most popular and comprehensive, business oriented, social media management tools. This marketing tool comes with a diverse range of features for social media. It is a well-known and greatly used tool


The name states what this tool does. It buffers content uploads, by having it automatically scheduled and shared across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is a very simple tool to use and with a need of content marketing for social media and SEO campaigns, it is very user-friendly and handy.


Still a great tool and free by Google. Tracks referring sites, visitors, event tracking, and sub-domains of a website. A host of reporting tools at hand and Analytics ties into Webmaster Central to streamline all reports now.


Moat provides a free ad search that allows companies to key in competitors’ brand names and see what ads they have shown recently. A business can see the ads that have been seen recently. This gives a business a great guide for where to place advertising.


SpyFu lets a business see up to six years of data on competitors’ keywords, ranking, and ads. Competitive intelligence is what this tool provides small and established businesses. Competitive analysis is used to improve marketing campaigns.

Webmaster Central

Reporting and statistics tool by Google and it is free. A key tool to gain a greater understanding of a website. Tool creates reports of website errors, improvements, and keyword search placement and traffic. A very robust tool, when used correctly, greatly improves a website.


Ahrefs provides a vast amount of information on links, referring domains, pages, text, and much more. This tool comes with a vast amount of data. Some is for free, but for the full access account there is a monthly fee.


Mention combines all sorts of media and social monitoring features. It tracks content published on web pages, news sites, blogs, and forums in 42 languages. It is a great tool for monitoring of content.


SimilarWeb is a competitive monitoring tool that provides data on traffic sources, content, social, and more. There’s a lot of data available for a business including referral sites, search traffic, key topics and more.

Open Site

Open Site Explorer allows a business to see a list of the sites that are linking to them – or another site. Links are great for marketing campaigns and techniques such as SEO. This tool provides great information for building relationships online.

With the above tools some marketing and advertising aspects can be automated and made easier to manage as a business. Regardless of function, these above tools help any business with their online presence. These tools help with a website, search marketing and advertising, reporting, statistics, and gaining a stronger return on investment. This is especially true, if a business is investing into online marketing campaigns such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, or content marketing.

Working effectively and efficiently with tools is the goal to achieve maximum return on investment with marketing and advertising campaigns. These tools can be used to work more intelligently and positively impact marketing and advertising efforts.

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