10 Facts About Marketing With Pinterest

10 Facts About Marketing With Pinterest
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Pinterest is one of the most effective social media channels for marketing products online. It has become a proven source of traffic for websites, quickly surpassing other social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Many companies and brands still do not utilize Pinterest effectively or at all. When marketing products and services, Pinterest is a critical social media channel that offers a multitude of benefits to companies and marketers.

To fully understand what Pinterest can provide a business, below are the top 10 facts about marketing with Pinterest. Marketing online can be a complex and overwhelming process these days. Here are the reasons why companies should use Pinterest in their marketing campaigns.

10 Facts About Marketing with Pinterest

1. After Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is ranked as the 3rd most popular social networking site (source: Experian). Pinterest reached 10 million unique U.S. monthly visitors faster than any stand-alone site in history (source: TechCrunch).

2. As of august 2012, Pinterest became the fourth largest traffic source in the world. This places Pinterest directly behind Google, direct traffic, and Facebook. Pinterest also drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.

3. Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to follow through with a purchase than visitors from other social networking sites (Source: Sprout Insights).

4. Shopify Customers referred by Pinterest place an average order of $80, compared to $40 for customers navigating from facebook (Source: Shopify).

5. An estimated 47% of U.S. online shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from Pinterest. This estimate beats out both Facebook and Twitter, which stand at 33% and 31% respectively.

6. 81% of U.S. women online trust Pinterest as a source for information and advice (source: socialmouths).

7. 79% of Pinterest users are Women This statistic confirms Pinterest as a prime avenue for reaching the female market.

8. Pinterest generates over 400% more revenue per click as Twitter and 27% more than Facebook (Source: VentureBeat). Connecting with customers through social media is a great way to increase sales revenue.

9. According to a comscore survey, Pinterest users follow an average of 9.3 retail companies on the site (Source: allfacebook).

10. Mothers are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest as compared to the average American (source: Nielsen).

Pinterest is a virtual pin board incorporated within a social network, think of it as a digital scrapbooking. Individuals are able to “pin” or “like” images of items that they have interest in. Think of Pinterest as the social platform that allows consumers to promote products and services for free. They can categories their pins into categories that are of interest to them.

Social Media marketing is a key marketing method for any size of organization. Search marketing involves several methods such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Content marketing, and Paid Advertising.

Pinterest is one of the most important social media channels when deploying social media marketing campaigns. This is especially important to companies that have e-commerce websites and sell products online.


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