10 Great Instagram Marketing Tips For Business

10 Great Instagram Marketing Tips For Business
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Social media marketing (SMM) is not a new marketing tactic for entrepreneurs and companies. What is newer are the sub social media marketing tactics. As more social media platforms are being created, a business has to incorporate the leading channels for marketing and advertising.

Instagram is one of the newest image driven social media platforms. Nevertheless, it is one of the most powerful image social media channels for businesses. There are 130 million active users on Instagram every month. Each day over a 1 billion photos are liked on Instagram.

A company should use Instagram to tell their story visually, get people engage, and promote products, services, and solutions through Instagram. Infographics for example are highly effective. To provide additional help, here are 10 great Instagram marketing tips for a business.

10 Great Instagram Marketing Tips For Business

1. Create the Instagram Business Account

The account with Instagram should be properly created, setup and customized for best results. The user name should be ideally the business name or something that will immediately be recognized with the brand. The profile should be completed with key information, contacts, and links. Facebook also owns Instagram now, so connect the business Facebook account with Instagram, creating the Instagram tab on Facebook and sharing ability.

2. Use Hashtags for all Instagram Posts

The use of hashtags is a newer concept. It is basically, picking specific keywords for each entry and with hashtags linking each entry to these keywords. Over the last couple years, most major social media channels have adopted this process. Hashtags should be used including the business name, services offered, and more specific. A company should use specific keywords (hashtags) as well as more general for best results.

3. Pay Attention to Customers

Shedding light to customers is a great tactic on Instagram. Pay attention to followers and fans of the channel and brand. Sharing follower’s photos shows customers appreciation and stimulates activity. Liking followers photos, commenting on them, responding to comments posted on images the business posts and so on increases the results with Instagram for a business.

4. A Place to be Creative

Pinterest for a business is a place to be creative. A business can get very creative, colorful, and inventive with product images on Instagram or showcasing services and results. A company should use photo applications for their filters and added features. More professional photographers will use software and tool such as Photoshop to edit and enhance images for marketing and branding. Short videos are now allowed as well on Instagram. Videos are powerful marketing and advertising tactic.

5. Start Photo Contests on Instagram

For a business to get user-generated content, a company should start contests on Instagram. A company can get users to generate content, crowd-source product ideas, get packaging feedback, and much more through Instagram contests. When giving away prices through contests, a business can drastically increase online visibility through social media channels such as Instagram.

6. Go Mobile as a Business

A business can greatly benefit from going Mobile even a business that is only local. QR codes can be created to entice and promote to local customers with Instagram. Coupon codes and group offers can be promoted. Events that are offline can be brought online for better results. Geo-tagging posts can target local consumers by using maps and GPS technology.

7. Increase Return On Investment (ROI)

A business that posts frequently on Instagram, gets the brand seen regularly, helps Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, and other online marketing campaigns. Regardless of the amount of followers, a business should keep on top of Instagram trends; continuously improve the account, monitor results, and post, post, and post content.

8. Use a Variation of Images on Instagram

For a company to be effective on Instagram, a business should use a variation of images as long as it is relative to the brand. At times, companies use humor related images to increase activity and reach. Often quotes are used, humor, statistics, and more general topics in addition to more company specific topics. This enables a company to attract a wider circle of followers and fans.

9. Pick Trending Topics

A company regardless of type of business can pick topics to post about that are “hot” item and trending. Such topics can quickly give a business additional attention, followers, fans, and potential customers. A business can create image driven content incorporating hot trending topics.

10. Use Quality over Quantity

Even though it is highly advantageous to post frequently on Instagram, it is best to post quality content over quantity. Quality driven posts will get much better results, have better chances of going viral, and being shared or liked. A business should focus on producing quality image driven content for social media sharing and Pinterest for best marketing results.

A business that wants to improve their social media marketing results or get better results with Pinterest can work with experts to ensure best results. Professional marketing services can quickly establish all necessary accounts such as Pinterest for a business, optimize and customize them, and promote the business on them.

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