10 Great Work From Home Jobs For 2015

10 Great Work From Home Jobs For 2015
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Many people these days are looking to diversify their income potential, have a home business, or multiple revenue stream opportunities. Many simply want to be able to work from home. Having the ability to work from home and generate an income would be a dream for many people.

A growing number of employers believe in telecommuting and that it is beneficial to employees and the company. It reduces overhead expanses, allows for hiring talent that is not locally available, reduces office space requirements, and employees don’t have to commute.

Moving into 2015, what are the most popular jobs for people that will enable them to work from home? Here is a list of the 10 most popular work from home jobs for 2015.

10 Great Work From Home Jobs For 2015

1. Technology Specialist

Technology is a big part of conducting business in today’s global and digital world. Often a company needs a technology expert and specialist to either manage and maintain internal technology infrastructures or the company itself is offering technology services and has a need for technology specialists to service the clients. Either way, most technology services can be done remotely these days. Companies can hire now tech staff that works from home.

2. Virtual Assistant

Just about any company uses assistance in some shape or form. Assistance are used to take care of busy body work. Whether it is paper work, general tasks, or specific projects, assistance are commonly used to take care of certain work. Virtual assistance became very popular, since help can be hired remotely and projects can be completed with help, without the need for additional space.

3. Advertising Executive

Advertising and marketing is needed for most companies and industries. In the old days, a company would rely on an Advertising Agency, but many companies have started to hire marketing executives to internally manage marketing and advertising efforts. Many of these executives telecommute and work from home. There are many work from home marketing opportunities for people that have the required skills and knowledge.

4. Sales Executive

Just about every company needs sales. Sales executives are hired often to bring new business to a company. In many cases, sales executives do not need to be local. Even if it is outside sales, a sales executive could work from home and provide proper reports on activity and sales. For inside sales, it is a no-brainer. Sales staff can work remotely, since most of the work is done online and over the phone. Companies often utilize sales staff that works from home and telecommutes.

5. Project Manager

Project managers are used across many industries to be the point of contact for clients, to manage staff, projects, and provide customer service. Most if not all of this can be done remotely over the phone and Internet. Often project managers can work from home and still do an excellent job as an employee. Companies realize this and started actively hiring project managers that telecommute.

6. Translator

When a company has a need to translate documents and other content frequently, they have to work with translators. Often a company will hire translators that telecommute. Translators can remotely do the translations and submit their work to the employer. Businesses who hire translators in many cases have them work remotely on translation projects.

7. Graphic Designer

Just about any company needs graphic design services. Logos, websites, print materials, documents, presentations, and many other needs that graphic designers manage for companies. With social media, content marketing, and SEO being major marketing tactics, graphic designers are in high demand. All graphic design can be done remotely and many graphic designers for that reason are able to work from home.

8. Web Developer

Websites are a cornerstone of many companies. It is a tool and communication platforms that most companies cannot do without. This has driven the demand for website developers and website design significantly. Website design and developers often work remotely and from home. Companies have a need not just for websites, but also for ongoing maintenance. Web developers assist companies with these tasks often by telecommuting.

9. Writer and Editor

Many companies have needs for writers and editors. In marketing, writers are almost always used for creating content for blogs, articles, press releases, and general website content. Even companies that have nothing to do with writing services have needs for writers. Most writers and editors are able to work from home, while still providing their employer with writing and editing skills. Employers often prefer writers and editors to telecommute.

10. Accounting Assistant

All companies have accounting and many organizations do not have accounting departments, but rather rely on an accounting assistant to help them out throughout the year with bookkeeping, accounting, and related tasks. Accounting assistance often help-out with accounting software maintenance such as QuickBooks. Most accounting tasks can be completed remotely and companies understand this and allow for telecommuting.


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