10 Holiday Marketing Ideas That Work

10 Holiday Marketing Ideas That Work
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Around the holidays, business owners of all sorts experience some of their busiest times, during the year. Many companies have marketing campaigns for the holiday sales seasons, for best results and sales. Certain retailers’ make as much as fifty percent of their annual sales during holiday seasons.

With the proper marketing campaigns and management, retailers can position themselves and reach the desired target audience to pitch their sales, promotions, and incentives. Marketing strategies such as Paid Advertising, SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing strategies mare most commonly used.

Retailers that want to be more effective around the major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas should deploy marketing campaigns around their brand, product line, and services. To help out, here are ten holiday marketing ideas that work for any size of company.

10 Holiday Marketing Ideas That Work

1. Mail postcards with coupon codes to get customers to the website or store.

Postcards are much easier to create or get created and mailed to existing customers and potential customers. Prior to the holidays, postcards should be mailed with coupon codes to get customer to the website and online store.

2. Use social media to promote specials and holiday offers.

Special offers can be made on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to reach customers and give incentives to shop. Social media only deals can be promoted as well to reach a very specific target audience.

3. Announce holiday deals on websites and e-commerce pages.

Around the major shopping holidays, websites and e-commerce stores should change slightly in design and look to mirror the specific holiday. This helps with website visitors and their experience. Specials and deals should be well displayed throughout the entire website for best results.

4. Get listed with bloggers and mentioned.

Bloggers can have a vast following and members. Often hundreds of thousands members can potentially be reached, when working with bloggers. Bloggers can list the promotions, mention the specific brand in a post, and add to directories or to gift ideas.

5. Sell gift cards for shoppers that are not sure.

Retailers online and brick and mortar should sell gift cards well before the holiday seasons to assist the shoppers that are not sure. Some shoppers and potential customers can benefit from gift cards and companies that offer it benefit as well.

6. Send real holiday cards. They’re more likely to get noticed.

E-cards often end up in spam folders of email clients or are simply overlooked. They should be utilized as well, but for best results – real holiday cards will stand out. Retailers should mail out real holiday cards.

7. Cross-promote with different marketing methods.

Companies that want higher results, with marketing campaigns should take a comprehensive approach. Cross-promotion of offers and specials across postcards, HTML flyer, website, blog, paid ads, and other types is most effective.

8. Hold a Black Friday sale.

A brand can give an extra incentive to their customers and fans by giving a Black Friday only promotion. An offer that is only good when used over the Black Friday holiday. Offers can vary from discounts, giveaways, and special payment terms.

9. Give away a gift with purchase to customers.

To get the interest of potential customers, companies can give away a gift with purchase to customers. This gift can appeal to a larger audience and capture the interest with the potential for additional sales.

10. Charity involvement gets customers involved too.

Companies can donate a percentage of profits towards specific charities. This can involve consumers and result in a potential customer. Charities appeal to a much larger audience and can be a selling point.

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