10 Marketing Expert Tips For Link Building Success

10 Marketing Expert Tips For Link Building Success
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One of the most significant methods for online marketing and driving organic search engine results is link building. Link building is a very time-consuming activity in search marketing. Brands and companies often look to improve their link building efforts and get more efficient.

Not all link building tactics are the same. The approach differs depending on the type of industry, competitiveness of the market, resources available, and other factors. To improve link building for a website, here are 10 marketing expert tips for link building success. First though, what is exactly link building.

What is Link Building?

Link building can increase the number of links pointing to a website (preferably high-quality links), in turn increasing the likelihood of the website ranking much higher in search engine results for specific keyword phrases. Link building is also a proven marketing tactic for increasing brand awareness and website traffic.

10 Marketing Expert Tips For Link Building Success

1. Research Top Competitors For Link Building Opportunities

A business can take a look at several of their competitors using link building tools and review the websites that link to them. These websites then can be approached to receive links from. There are many tools that allow companies to get this accomplished, some are paid services and some are free.

2. Keep Websites Compliant with Search Engine Guidelines

Search engines such as Google can severely punish websites that utilize marketing tactics the search engine deems a breach of their guidelines. Ensuring to participate and utilize only approved methods for link building, keeps a website in good standing and better chances at desired results. A business or marketers should familiar themselves with these guidelines.

3. Create and Publish Quality Content for Link Building

This is a simple tactic for link building, create and publish quality, unique, and relevant content frequently. Publishing it across many key websites and channels is key. It raises exposure and can create opportunities for other website to link back because of the content.

4. Form Relationships with Bloggers and Get Links

There are many bloggers for most industries and type of markets. Businesses should seek relevant bloggers out and contact them. A company can guest blog on these specific blogs and receive links from these guest posts. Bloggers can also review products and as these reviews are posted, links are often created back to the business.

5. Create Infographics to Explain more Complex Topics

One of the best link building strategies is to create Infographics and explain in simpler terms with visual aid more complex topics. People will want to share these types of image related content freely and frequently. These Infographics should be branded and embedded with code (links).

6. Leave Comments on Popular Websites for Link Building

One of the easiest methods for link building is commenting. Commenting on articles and blogs from other (popular) websites can quickly create links for a website. Profiles with keywords and company names as well as website ULR are often created and with each comment displayed. It is a simple and very effective method.

7. Join Associations and Industry Specific Organizations for Links

A great method to receive quality links from is to join industry specific associations and organizations. With the membership often links are created to the business and website, which builds quality links. There are many types of organizations that can be joined in order to receive extra visibility and links from.

8. Participate Frequently on Key Forums and Create Links

Even though an older method, it is still a great way to create links. Forums on key authority websites can be beneficial for a business and website. A business should participate frequently on key forums of authority websites to create links back to the businesses website.

9. Offer Contests often for Building Links

Giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes are a great way to attract links. Natural links from authoritative blogs and news organizations as well as other key sites are often a result of contests that are unique and offered by a business.

10. Become Very Active on Social Media Platforms

Becoming very active on social media platforms and channels is not necessary for the links, but for visibility to the masses. The vast amount of people social media can reach is unmatched. A business should publish quality and unique content to stimulate the masses to share and link to a business’s website.

Earning links is not just about picking one single approach and sticking with it. While Google may tell companies and marketers what not to do, they do not say what to do to get qualified and useful inbound links. By narrowing the link-building tactics to just one or two, a business runs the risk of it not being important enough or even being considered in Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

For companies and brands that wish some expert help with link building strategies, Search Engine Optimization services can assist with them. Link building is a major part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Marketing services in general can assist a brand and company with link building and gaining online market share and visibility.


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