10 Most Lucrative Home Based Business Ideas

10 Most Lucrative Home Based Business Ideas
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Home-BusinessMany people look for more certainty with money and their careers these days. What does this mean? Well, it means that many look to have more control over their financial future and opportunities to create wealth.

One of the most popular methods to gain more control over finances and once financial future is through a home based business. There are many reasons why people are staring home based business. Couple of the more popular reasons are quit simple. Some people just love not having to go anywhere for work, but to work in the comforts of their home. No bosses, meetings or annoying co-workers to interrupt the workday are often the reason.

As an individual decides to start a home based business, they tend to look for the right type of business. So, what are some of the most lucrative home based business ideas? Below are the 10 most popular and lucrative business ideas. Some of these ideas require certain skills and background in the area.

10 Most Lucrative Home Based Business Ideas

1. Consulting Services

Anybody who has in depth knowledge in certain areas can become a consultant for it and offer consulting services such as business consulting, marketing consulting, technology consulting, green consulting and so on. Consultants often can charge significant hourly rates and work remotely from home.

2. Online Stores

In the old days, it took a substantial investment to open a store to sell products. Today, with e-commerce many can own and operate an online store. People can become an online store owner quickly, market their website and sell online items from their comfort of their home.

3. Graphic Design Services

Most businesses need constantly the services of graphic designers. People that are creative and know how to use software such as Adobe Photoshop can offer graphic design services and provide well-needed services to many industries from their home. Graphic designers can make significant hourly rates on projects.

4. Writing Services

Writers have many opportunities to make money from home these days. People can start writing in various ways to make money from home. Copywriting services are often needed by business, blog writing services, articles, press releases, website copies, and more are constantly required for many businesses.

5. Bookkeeping and Accounting

There are numerous smaller businesses that do not hire accountants or expansive CPAs for their taxes and accounting. These smaller organizations look for individual who can help them with bookkeeping and accounting. People who know such software as QuickBooks can work from home and help clients with bookkeeping and accounting, charging great prices for it.

6. Website Design and Development

For people that know how to design websites and develop them, working from home can be very lucrative. Website designers with enough experience can charge thousands of dollars for websites and work from home in their own comfort. Website designers tend to make over $75 per hour, especially for e-commerce websites.

7. Video Development and Production

Video is in high demand by businesses, since it is such a requirement for online marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. This drives the demand for video development and production. People can with the proper tools from their home develop marketing and business videos for their clients and charge well for it.

8. Blogging Business

Niche blogs and blogging takes some time, but once the traffic is generated, blogs can make lots of money through advertising. Individuals can work from home and start a blog. Blogs that are of quality with unique content can grow in traffic fairly fast and start generating monthly reoccurring revenue for the owner.

9. Writing Books

Writing books and publishing them is not that hard anymore. People can write a book or eBook and self publish these days. Some eBook authors who self-published with websites such as lulu.com have made a fortune and all of it from the comfort of their homes. One must love writing, but publishing is nowadays easier than ever.

10. Catering Services

For people that love to cook and prepare food, stating a catering service from their home may be a great business for them. Cooking lovers can start a very lucrative business catering to events, businesses, and other functions. Often people start with smaller venues, but can grow quickly into larger accounts and all from home.

There are many more ideas for home based business, but these 10 tend to be the more popular businesses people are starting from home. One way to get help is to work with a business consultant. Business consulting services often help individuals get started. Talk to one to gain some knowledge and insights about what opportunities are best to go after and start from home.

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