10 Reasons E-Commerce Websites Don’t Produce Sales

10 Reasons E-Commerce Websites Don’t Produce Sales
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Companies and entrepreneurs that operate and own e-commerce websites want to produce sales and be successful with their websites and ventures. Yet, many experience weak online sales and poor website performances. What are the reasons e-commerce websites don’t produce sales?

The answer is not simple. It is a combination of reasons that cause a website to under perform or not produce desired sales. Most people have heard the term “shopping cart abandonment” as a main reason, but there are a multitude of adjustments that can be made to improve online sales.

10 Reasons Why E-Commerce Websites Don’t Produce Sales

1. Presented with Unexpected Costs

The main reason why online shoppers leave a website without paying and purchasing is unexpected costs. Around 56% online shoppers according to Statista leave without completing their purchase. Online shoppers do not like to be surprised by additional fees or costs.

2. Online Shoppers Browse

Online shoppers are in many ways similar to consumers who enter traditional retail stores. Some of them just browse, getting ideas, identifying what they will purchase in the future, or simply are killing time. E-commerce website operators and owners must understand their website statistics better. Not every site visitor is there to shop some are just browsing.

3. Prices are Not Competitive Enough

Online shoppers want to get deals online. Prices are one of the main reasons why shoppers don’t buy. According to Statista 32% of online shoppers do not complete their online purchase due to price. 36% of online shoppers found a better price somewhere else. It is simply to expansive in comparison to other retailers, other online stores, and products.

4. Poor Website Navigation

When it comes to websites, there is nothing more annoying than poorly structured website navigation that is confusing. Online shoppers do not like to get lost and forced to click around until they find what they want. A single additional click can loose a customer online.

5. Website Security and Trust

Around 17% of online shoppers don’t make a purchase due to concerns about the security of the website. Trust with e-commerce websites is critical to consumers. Online customers want a safe and secure shopping environment. Placing security badges can increase conversion and online sales.

6. Payment Methods and Options

The more payment methods offered to online consumer the stronger conversion can be. Online shoppers want options when it comes to payment methods. To improve online sales consider offering Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and other payment methods.

7. Checkout Process

One of reasons online shoppers don’t make a purchase on a website is due to the checkout process. Over 20% of online shoppers abandon the checkout process because of it. Checkout has to be as short as possible and not complicated for best results.

8. Online Customer Service

Often e-commerce website design is poor, not custom, and lacking key customer service features that hurt online sales. A toll free phone number should be easily visible on each page preferably in the header of a website. Chat features, online forms, email, and other methods should be used to provide adequate customer service.

9. Promotions and Deals

Shoppers go online to find deals and take advantage of promotions. E-commerce websites that don’t properly offer deals will lack sales. Promotions such as seasonal sales (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day), shipping (discounted cost or free shipping), and other incentives can drastically improve sales.

10. Price Guarantees and Refunds

As already stated over 30% of online shoppers don’t complete their purchase due to price. Online retailers who offer price guarantees and refunds can give their site visitors the confidence necessary to make the purchase and buy. Offering certain policies can help online sales.

For entrepreneurs and e-commerce websites that wish to improve their online sales and profitability, consulting services and conversion optimization services can be of great help. Working with experts can drastically improve a website’s performance and online sales.


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