10 Reasons To Use WordPress For Business Websites

10 Reasons To Use WordPress For Business Websites
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WordPress is the most popular application and platform to develop business websites with. There is a vast amount of reasons for this. WordPress originally was developed as a blogging platform in 2003. Since then, it has become the software application for business websites.

When it comes to making a decision as a business, WordPress is not only a safe decision but also an intelligent one. WordPress powered websites work extremely well for any size and any type of business. To help out, here are 10 reasons to use WordPress for business websites.

10 Reasons To Use WordPress For Business Websites

1. Websites can be managed from anywhere in the world.

The WordPress application can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet connection. The software is browser-based and accessible from anywhere. It can be managed from any computer as well without loosing any functionality or features.

2. Websites are easy to manage and edit.

One of the main arsons businesses use WordPress is the easy and very user-friendly admin area. WordPress allows a business to make changes, edits, and upgrades with ease. The user-friendly system allows even novice users to have full control of their websites.

3. Google and other search engines prefer WordPress.

WordPress is indisputable the preferred website application with search engines such as Google. Search rankings can be much easier achieved with WP powered websites. There are numerous free tools to optimize each page and make the website search engine friendly.

4. HTML editing and coding is not required at all.

With WordPress powered websites, a business does not need HTML and coding skills. No HTML or coding is required with WordPress. It allows a business to fully work with their websites without the need of programming skills. This saves not just time, but also money for a business.

5. A business gains ownership of their website.

This is a major difference with WordPress powered websites. A business owns their website and online infrastructure unlike leased or hosted solutions. Hosted and leased solutions charge a monthly fee and allow a business to quickly put together a website. WordPress is open-source (free) to use and fully customizable as well as owned by the business, not leased.

6. Free added features and functionality.

A great reason to use WordPress for a business is the vast amount of free plugins available. Plugins are software extensions that can be installed with a couple “clicks” to the business website, adding features and functions with ease. These make a significant difference for websites and businesses.

7. These websites are 100% customizable.

One of the key reasons is the ability to customize a website fully. Many other solutions do not allow for this, but with WordPress a business can 100% customize their website. Any area of the website can be altered and customized to fit the companies needs and objectives.

8. Create multiple users with different website access.

This is another key component of a WordPress powered website. A business can assign different users with different settings. This allows a business to give access to their website for specific tasks and staff, without having to give access to the entire backend of the business website. Managed control settings allow for multiple users.

9. Websites come with a business blog.

Blogging is one of the main content marketing tools for companies these days. Having a successful business blog can significantly improve a websites search engine rankings, traffic, and customer acquisition. WordPress websites come with a business blog fully integrated. It is part of the overall application.

10. Websites can easily scale with the growth of the business.

WordPress applications scale easily with the growth of a business. The application allows for easy adjustments and growth of content, features, pages, and overall management to compliment the growing business itself.

Hands down, WorldPress websites are great for any size and type of business. There are so many more reasons why WordPress websites are great for a business aside from these 10 listed here. If a business is interested in website design with WorldPress application, they can always talk to an expert and get a consultation. Website design consultations are available to discuss all options and details prior to making a design and allocating any money towards the website design project.

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