10 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Are Better For Business

10 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Are Better For Business
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As a business or entrepreneur, if your website is not powered by WordPress you are at a disadvantage. The benefits of using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System), blogging engine, and marketing tool are unmatched in the industry.

WordPress hands down is the best application to power websites, especially for business and start-up ventures. What is WordPress exactly? WordPress is a software that originally was developed as a blogging platform. It is open-source, which means free to use and open to full customization. The robust software is so versatile that it can be customized for just about any type of business and operation.

Experienced website design professionals can create stunning Responsive Design websites powered by WordPress. It truly is an astonishing tool for a business. Here are some of the main benefits and reasons why WordPress websites are better for business.

1. Single Step Publishing
One of the key reasons why WordPress websites are the preferred platform and CMS system for business is the single step publishing features. It allows novice users to quickly and effortlessly publish content such as text, images, and video. A single step and it can be live online and visible to a worldwide audience.

2. Unlimited Functionality Without The Cost
No other application or software comes even close to the extreme flexibility of WordPress. WordPress is unmatched in functionality. It has unlimited features and functions due to the thousand of free (and some paid) plugins (pre-written programs). These plugins allow the website with ease to increase in function and features such as e-commerce.

3. Already Mobile Friendly
WordPress websites are created with Responsive Design technology (HTML5 and CSS3). This means, they are mobile-friendly and work across all major devices such as tablets, smart phones, and computers. This is very important, since of last year Google penalizes websites in search engine results that are not mobile ready.

4. Cost Effective Solution
WordPress is simply a cost effective solution. With the amount of free features, easy to work with CMS, and universal platform that it is, it is extremely cost effective. Many professionals can work with ease on WordPress websites from anywhere in the world. Free upgrades and lower management cost make this solution perfect for any business.

5. Multi-Level User Ready
It is a big advantage to be able to assign different levels of administration access to a business websites. Marketers should not have the same access as administrators and so on. WordPress allows for multi-level and user access. It is quick and easy to create new users with different access levels.

6. Unmatched Marketing Features
This could be very well one of the most important benefits of WordPress and why WordPress websites are better for business. For Search Engine Marketing (SEM) WordPress is unmatched in the industry. There are vast amount of plugins that make WordPress websites extremely search engine friendly. WordPress websites can be easily optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The blog engine enables companies to post frequent updates with ease and optimized for search results. SEO tools can be embedded to automate certain marketing functions.

7. Scalability and Growth Potential
WordPress as an application can be updated and upgraded with a single step. This makes it a very scalable platform. Adding pages, posting articles, and managing images or videos are easily done with the Content Management System. The website can grow by hundred of pages with a very user-friendly admin area managing all of it. The website grows with the business without the need to upgrade to a different system.

8. Social Networking Integrated
With Social Media being so dominant in business and personal life, websites must incorporate social media channels within the design and framework of the website. Social sharing capability is important for multiple reasons. WordPress websites have social media integrated in the admin area, website templates, and design. Social Media channels can be quickly integrated, managed, and deployed live online with WordPress.

9. Fast Design Flexibility
Websites need to change the look and design every so often. With WordPress a single step can changeout the entire look of a website. Designed templates can be easily exchanged in the admin area, allowing for fast design flexibility. WordPress powered websites can easily change their look without the need to reinvest large amounts of money into website design and development.

10. Professional Blogging
Blogs are not anymore for the individual, but a critical tool for any business that wants to be found online for their services, products, and offers. Search engines such as Google index pages from blogs by over 400%. A business simply cannot afford to not blog professionally with a properly setup and optimized business blog that is part of the website (not separate).

For best results, entrepreneurs and companies should hire a professional to custom design and develop a WordPress website for their business. With a properly created business websites, all efforts gain more traction and building momentum with the business can be easier. Better results with less work is a great reason to use WordPress for business.

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