10 Skin Care SEO Tactics That Yield Results

10 Skin Care SEO Tactics That Yield Results
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Beauty brands compete avidly online for market share. From start-up to more established brands, beauty companies go head to head with Skin Care Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns.

Regardless of size of brand and how many skin care products available, brands who operate websites with ecommerce benefit the most from SEO. It gives skin care brands the highest yield on their marketing investment when done right.

Campaigns that yield results often involve these tactics below and are part of successful SEO marketing campaigns. To learn more about the basic methods and tactics used in skin care SEO, read below methods.

10 Skin Care SEO Tactics

1. Create a Blog

Blogs are one of the most powerful methods to support SEO campaigns and increase website search traffic. Blogs when used correctly and optimized support many types of marketing tactics and are effective for gaining search traffic and rankings.

2. Create an RSS Feed

Too many skin care websites do not utilize the benefits of RSS feeds. Most popular CMS (Content Management System) support RSS feeds. Skin care websites should have RSS feeds for link building and SEO campaigns, especially when managing blogs.

3. Press Release Submission

Skin care brands must get in the habit of creating, publishing, and distributing press releases monthly. There are many purposes for developing press releases as a beauty brand. Beauty companies should create a list of reasons for press releases and ensure monthly publication of them. Press Releases support SEO, SMM, and Content Marketing campaigns.

4. Video Submission

Video creation and distribution is one of the fastest growing marketing tactic online. It comes with a host of benefits and supports many other marketing methods such as Social Media, SEO, and other forms. Video is also becoming the dominant content method online and in search. It is the “future” of content on the Internet. Brands can only benefit from the production and online distribution of it.

5. Paid Directories

Skin care brands can have their company and brand listed on directories that cost money. Paid directory listings can quickly improve rankings and search traffic for a brand. Brands should carefully review directories and benefits of having a listing on them, prior to paying fees. Paid directories can quickly add valuable link building benefits to brands marketing campaigns.

6. Article Distribution

One of the original tactics for skin care SEO campaigns is article writing and distribution. Articles separate from blog articles or press releases can be created, published, and distributed on article distribution websites. There are paid and free directories for articles.

7. Image Distribution

Brands must create a vast amount of images for publication and distribution of them for skin care SEO campaigns. Images are used in content marketing campaigns such as Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing. With a higher yield rate, images can be very powerful method to increase website traffic and online market share.

8. Product Reviews

Product reviews are extremely popular with beauty consumers. Skin care brands can quickly get attention and increase online visibility through product reviews. Brands even pay for skin care video reviewers and other industry people to create reviews. They give customers incentives to write reviews and offer free products in exchange. Reviews are a conversion tool as well as SEO tactic.

9. Commenting and Posting

Another method of SEO for skin care companies is commenting and posting on other websites. Websites such as blogs and forums for the skin care industry can be a great tactic for SEO, when commenting and posting on them. It increases traffic and link building for websites.

10. Resource Pages

Resources are often used by brands to lure the skin care traffic towards their websites and keep them as long as possible on their pages. Quality resources about ingredients, skin care, and beauty tips can similar to blogs yield website visitors and potential shoppers. It is also a popular SEO tactic, when marketing skin care products.

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