10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beauty Brands

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beauty Brands
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Beauty and skin care brands must have a strong presence on social media channels. Brand awareness on all major social media platforms is critical for companies that want to increase market share and sales. Skin care consumers expect beauty brands to be informative, educate them, and offer best practices as well as tips for skin care on social media.

Beauty brands have their work cut out for themselves with social media. New platforms are forming and being launched every year. Different demographics and behavior make it more complex. The volume of work, content needed, and activity often overwhelms brands.

For beauty brands to improve their social media efforts here are 10 social media marketing tips for beauty brands. These marketing tips can quickly improve the results and efforts of small and larger skin care brands.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beauty Brands

1. Be consistent with content posts.

Brands must be consistent with content posts on all social media platforms to grow their following and increase engagement. Consistency is as critical as quality and relevancy. Brands that consistently post quality content on their channels will grow faster; get more activity, and better results.

2. Utilize image and video only social channels.

Often companies create only a few social media accounts with some of the larger platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest. These are great channels for beauty brands, but there are many more platforms for image sharing and video that are highly beneficial such as dailymotion.com for videos or Slideshare for images.

3. Have an active company blog for content.

Most social media channels and accounts for skin care companies should have content frequently posted on through the skin care and beauty company blog. This significantly increases website traffic, search engine rankings, and potential sales. All beauty companies should have a very active blog, which content is shared frequently across all social media channels.

4. Manage company time effectively.

Writing blog articles, creating images and videos takes lots of time. Now, adding the time of the actual social media marketing work and companies get overwhelmed. Some of this work should be contracted out for best results. Professionals are much more efficient and skin care companies are often better off focusing on other areas of the business than writing articles and so on.

5. Create content with strategic keywords.

All content created whether it is video, images or text should be optimized for search through keywords. Hash-tags, which have become important over the last couple years, are keywords as well for social media posts. Content must be created around the most important keywords for the beauty and skin care brand for best results.

6. Analyze older content to improve posts.

With most social media platforms, it is fairly easy to track what posts do well and which posts don’t. Beauty companies should analyze older content to improve future posts for best results. Posts that get lots of traction should be further expanded upon to increase engagement and activity.

7. Optimize visual content with branding and links.

Brands should create visual content, optimize it and brand it to gain the most from the effort. Branded images often increase brand awareness and followers, as well as optimized visual content with links. Links should be incorporated with images to drive traffic back to the website, products and services.

8. Diversify topics of content posted.

The same type of content often gets boring and followers loose interest. Topics of content posted should by diversified. Skin care and beauty companies that have successful social media marketing campaigns know how to change things up such as humor, facts, industry details, product suggestions, best practices, tips, and so on.

9. Use some paid advertising on social media.

Due to the increase of changes on many social media platforms, it has increasingly become more important to have some paid advertising campaigns. The budgets do not have to be large; often even a couple hundred dollars can increase visibility and followers on channels such as Facebook. Use paid advertising strategically to reach company objectives.

10. Connect and follow relevant channels.

Beauty brands and skin care companies should make sure their social media accounts are connected with other relevant accounts and pages. For example, an organic skin care company should associate themselves on social media with organic related pages and accounts to cross-promote and have larger visibility.

For best results, skin care and beauty companies should work with professional marketing agencies. Often experts can significantly improve the efforts of a beauty brand with social media. Social media marketing services are a great way to ensure proper setup, customization, and management of a beauty brands social footprint.

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