10 Tips For Creating Results Oriented Landing Pages

10 Tips For Creating Results Oriented Landing Pages
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Website landing pages are created in ways that allow the website owners to focus their site visitors’ attention on a particular offer, limiting the distractions of everything else on the website. Visitors end up on the landing page for just one single reason or purpose, which is to obtain an offer by completing a lead-capturing form.

In order for companies and entrepreneurs to reap the full benefits of a website, landing pages should be utilized. Landing pages and lead capturing forms are two of the most important elements of a website, but too often they are not properly setup. In many cases, landing pages are not created and used at all.

Regardless of type of website or industry, landing pages enable us to direct site visitors to better targeted pages that have the ability to capture leads at a much higher rate than the other pages of a website.

Creating results oriented landing pages takes the proper knowledge and skill. Here are 10 tips to help with the process of creating landing pages or improving existing pages.

10 Tips for Creating Results Oriented Landing Pages

1. Have all necessary elements of a landing page.

Landing pages have certain information and elements that are critical to the effectiveness of them. In order to receive orders, sign-ups, or simply visitors filling out the form mailer and submitting it, landing pages should have a headline, brief description of the offer, an image, testimonials or other incentives, and a short and brief form to capture the lead.

2. Remove the main website navigation from the landing page.

When website visitors arrive at the landing page, they should not be distracted or given the choice to leave onto another part of the website. Landing pages should not have the main navigation visible.

3. All information on landing pages should match.

The message should be consistent across the header, information provided, call to action, and offer on landing pages. Potential customers and website visitors do not respond well to misleading information and websites. Landing pages must offer what they promise to earn the trust.

4. Do not clutter landing pages with content.

Too much information and content can quickly have the opposite effect than desired with landing pages. For best results, keep landing pages clean, simple, and straight to the point. Less is more with landing pages.

5. Describe the value of the landing page offer.

For landing pages to work well, the value of the offer should be clearly described on landing pages. Highlighting the benefits of the offer with a brief description or bullet items is key to a successful landing page.

6. Create multiple landing pages to improve results.

Multiple landing pages should be created to test different colors, content, and design to improve results. Without A/B testing of landing pages, a business or marketers would not know what works and what does not. More landing pages also means more offers, which results into more leads for these specific offers.

7. Landing page form mailers should be short and brief.

Asking for too much information from website visitors can quickly result in poor conversion rates. Form mailers should be kept short and brief. A business or marketers should only ask for information that is really needed such as name, email, and phone number.

8. Add credibility to landing pages to improve conversion rates.

For landing pages to convert higher, trust has to be earned with website visitors. In order to add credibility, website landing pages should display any security seals, BBB ratings, certifications, and testimonials that would add credibility to the offer.

9. Include social sharing features enabling sharing of landing pages.

Social media is an important part of online marketing and consumer behavior these days. Landing pages should incorporate social sharing features that would enable website visitors to share the offers and benefits.

10. Drive traffic to the landing pages of a website.

For landing pages to receive traffic, website owners and marketers need to drive traffic to the landing pages of a website. This can be done through call to action elements throughout the website, blogs, and online marketing campaigns.

For entrepreneurs and companies that wish to create effective landing pages, consulting services are available to get professional help. Working with professional website design companies can quickly help a business improve the performance of their website. Conversion optimization services are also a great way to gain the proper knowledge and learn what has to be done to improve the performance of a website.

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