10 Ways Design Tips Increase E-Commerce Sales

10 Ways Design Tips Increase E-Commerce Sales
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Design when talking about websites is not just graphic design, but significantly more such as layout and overall strategy, including technology and “call to action” elements. Design has a lot to do with e-commerce sales and the ability to improve online sales.

Website design is the creation of a website for a specific company and for a specific target market. Website design process must include the expertise to create a results oriented website that can produce sales and improve brand awareness for the brand.

There are many best practices and information on how to improve an e-commerce websites through design. Here are 10 ways design tips increase e-commerce sales.

10 Ways Design Tips Increase E-Commerce Sales

1. Home Page Design Layout

The home page tends to be the most important page of a website, including e-commerce websites. The layout of an e-commerce website is critically important to increase sales. The layout has to be done properly, with optimization tools, and call to action elements.

2. Easy and Clear Navigation

Nothing annoys website visitors more than confusing and cluttered site navigation. To produce sales with e-commerce websites, the navigation should be designed user-friendly. Easy, clear, and simple for the website visitors to have better chances at generating online sales.

3. Quality Product Images

Photographs of the product sold should be of quality and sufficient to produce sales. A simple image and of medium quality will not motivate site visitors to buy. For best results, e-commerce websites should use multiple photographs and of higher quality.

4. Product and Customer Reviews

One of the most important conversion tools for e-commerce websites is customer and product reviews. E-commerce websites should clearly and easy to find, publish their customer and product reviews to increase online sales.

5. Offer Incentives

People shop online to get deals. Websites that want to produce sales online must offer incentives to convert. Online shoppers love free shipping deals, product discounts, and other types of specials. The right incentives can increase online sales quickly.

6. Easy Customer Service

It is an online business, but consumers still want to have the ability to get the proper customer service. Most of the time, online shoppers will just make a purchase. Nevertheless, having clear phone number and customer service functions such as chat features displayed, can increase online sales.

7. Easy Checkout Process

How easy is the checkout process? Online consumers do not like confusing checkouts or forced registration. To increase e-commerce sales, offer simply, short, and easy checkout processes.

8. Use Proper Colors

Website design has much to do with color usage. Color has much to do with the responses of website visitors. Marketers know this very well. Certain colors evoke certain responses. E-commerce design should use the right colors to generate sales online.

9. Plenty of Payment Methods

To increase online sales, e-commerce websites should offer plenty of payment methods to their customers. Checkout process should make available to their customers multiple payment options such as Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Checks, American Express, and other online payment processors.

10. HTML Email Newsletters

One of the best methods to stimulate online sales is through HTML Newsletter flyers via email. Well designed newsletter email flyers that go out couple times to an e-commerce website customer base can increase significantly sales.

For best results, brands and companies can work with professionals to improve their online sales and website performances. Services such as Conversion Optimization can assist a company with their existing website. Marketing consulting services could assist with the improvement of an online store as well. Any professional help can significantly help a company increase online sales.


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