10 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Website Sales

10 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Website Sales
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There are many factors that go into creating an e-commerce website that produces sales. Successful e-commerce websites connect the visitor and potential customer to the products with an e-commerce application that is efficient, user-friendly, and fun.

When developing and designing a website for selling products online, there are several common ways to increase e-commerce website sales. These methods can significantly improve a website’s performance and online sales.

Most entrepreneurs and companies do not realize that e-commerce websites only convert 1-4% on average. In comparison more successful e-commerce websites convert upward of 15% of their visitors. How can this be achieved? Here are 10 ways to increase e-commerce website sales.

10 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Website Sales

1. Make finding products very easy.

One of the most common reasons for visitors to leave a website is poor navigation and hard to find products. When designing the website, finding products should be made very easy through links, images, and navigation.

2. Use quality product photos.

All to often websites use poor quality product images and photographs. This can hurt online sales significantly. For best results, e-commerce websites should only use high quality product photos that are professionally taken.

3. Showcase customer and product reviews.

One of the fastest methods to improve online conversion and sales is through customer and product reviews. Product reviews written by existing customers can quickly improve online website performances and sales.

4. Offer related products and cross-shopping features.

Websites can do very well when online shoppers start buying more than one product at the time. Cross shopping features and offering related products options often help online consumers with shopping, resulting in multiple unit sales.

5. Use simple shopping cart checkouts.

A complex and lengthy checkout process increases shopping card abandonment and causes the loss of potential sales and customers. To improve online sales, websites should only use simple shopping cart checkout systems.

6. Provide customer service with chat features.

An easy way to increase e-commerce website sales is through chat. Chat features and functions add trust and improved customer service to websites and online retailers. Consumers love chat options when shopping online.

7. Don’t require or force registration.

Never require or force website visitors to register before making a purchase. Consumers should be able to shop and checkout without the need to register first. Use checkout processes that do not require customer registration for best results.

8. Utilize promotions and incentives.

Online shoppers shop online because they want to get a deal. E-commerce websites that want to increase online sales should offer and utilize promotions and incentives to motivate website visitors to shop and become customers.

9. Offer multiple payment options.

An easy way to improve customer relations and online sales is by offering website visitors multiple payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, as well as online payment processors such as PayPal.

10. Follow-up with website customers.

Often overlooked, but an extremely powerful method to increase online sales is simply following-up with customers. Website visitors who purchase and become customers should be contacted and followed-up with for repeat business.

These are the most common ways to increase e-commerce website sales. Online retailers, entrepreneurs, and companies that operate e-commerce websites can always work with experts to improve online sales. Conversion Optimization services are used for improving existing websites.

New website projects can be designed and developed correctly, when working with professionals. Website design services can design and create new websites loaded with online sales features and conversion tools.

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