2013 Marketing Consultant Advice for Small Businesses

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When the National Federation of Independent Businesses surveyed the small businesses in October 2012, ten percent replied that they planned to grow their workforce in 2013. A growth in workforce is a fundamental indicator of business growth plans. Small businesses that are planning to grow next year should already have marketing strategies in place. Those who are behind this eight-ball should get themselves a marketing consultant and follow his or her advice.

What exactly are marketing consultants recommending to small businesses these days? Developing an online marketing plan is one of the top tips. With online promotion, small companies can steal market share from their competition and even bigger players. Hope is that the economy will recover and grow in 2013 and the Internet will be responsible for a major portion of this growth. Using search engine marketing and social networks to establish an online presence now prepares a small business to flourish in 2013.

Large companies have budgets that accommodate paid online marketing efforts like pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Smaller companies must be more creative with marketing efforts because their budgets are very limited. Making the company website compatible with mobile devices is one way they can capture market share. Research reveals that smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices will dominate Internet access by 2015.

While focusing on the website, small business owners should ensure that the landing page is an excellent representation of the company. This page should provide valuable information and direct visitors to purchase pages in simple way. The website as a whole should be optimized for search engines so crawlers will notice and index the pages. When Internet users are searching for a compatible product or service, the first website appearing on search results should be this one.

The social aspect of the online world will become even more important in 2013. Small businesses should establish social networks and cement their reputations as subject matter experts that value a personal touch. Developing personal relationships with customers through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest takes time, effort, and may require the help of an expert.

Even after the economy improves, these practices are expected to be important for success. Small businesses that incorporate these techniques now will be in a good position for 2013. Entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed by the work involved can get help from a marketing consultant. Together, these professionals will make the company a winner in 2013.

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