2017 Search Engine Optimization Trends

2017 Search Engine Optimization Trends
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The online search industry is a great industry. It is fast evolving and always changing. It is certainly the most dynamic marketing method. Each year, experts and professionals pay close attention to changes in search marketing. So what SEO trends are coming in 2017?

The 2017 search engine optimization trends can benefit or negatively impact a business. It all depends on how ready a company is with their website and Search Engine Optimization. To assist, here are some 2017 SEO trends and tips.

2017 Search Engine Optimization Trends

Quality Content Production

Producing quality content is not a new concept. Yet, many brands still struggle to regularly create, publish, and properly distribute content. Content must be original and properly published to be effective. Of course, it must be relevant to the ideal target audience and provide real value. It must be content that has the potential to go viral. It should produce positive results for the readers.

Optimize User Experience

User experience has always been important factor. To give the user what they look for in an efficient way is key to online success. It is also aligning with Google’s goals, which is always a good strategy for search results. Search Engine Optimization trends for 2017 will certainly continue to involve the optimization of user experiences.

Voice Search

Voice search is going to continue to grow. Google already stated earlier this year that around 20 percent of mobile searches are voice searches. Mobile makes up more than 50 percent of over 1 trillion queries Google processes in a single year. Voice Search will continue to grow and companies should adjust for it. Keyword phrases tend to be slightly different for voice searches. They are framed more like questions.

Mobile Optimization

The focus on mobile users is also not a new concept in search marketing and for SEO. In 2017, companies that do not have mobile ready websites will feel the negative impact like never before. The negative impact will come from less traffic, lower rankings, and commerce. If websites are not mobile ready (Responsive Design Websites), it is time to make an investment.

For a better 2017 in business, companies should embrace the current SEO trends. Consulting services and marketing services are ways for brands and companies to get help. To make improvements, experts can be hired through those services to assist with the process. Either way, companies should get ready for 2017.

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