3 Quick Methods To Increase Online Sales That Are Inexpensive

3 Quick Methods To Increase Online Sales That Are Inexpensive
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What are the fastest and most inexpensive methods to increase online sales with e-commerce websites? There are several marketing techniques that work great with e-commerce websites such as SEO, Social Marketing, Content Marketing, and even Paid Advertising, but that’s not it.

Even though these marketing services are important, when a business does not have a budget, what else can be done to increase online sales quickly? In many cases, it is making the most out of what is already in place.

There are some things business owners and marketers can do with e-commerce websites that will be inexpensive and produce quick results. Here are 3 quick methods to increase online sales that are inexpensive.

3 Quick Methods To Increase Online Sales That Are Inexpensive

1. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a problem for all types of online stores, industries, and any size of company. The challenges with shopping cart abandonment are universal and most brands are negatively impacted by it. Many e-commerce websites suffer greatly from visitors beginning the checkout process but not completing it.

E-commerce website operators must first identify what the shopping cart abandonment rate is for their website. Then, the next step is to make the proper adjustments to lower the percent of website visitors who abandon their shopping cart. This is done in multiple ways. Some things that reduce the abandonment rates are:

– Decreasing checkout process steps.
– Simplifying the checkout process.
– Using more and better quality product images.
– Offer plenty of payment options.
– Get rid of forced registration and allow guest checkout.
– Give the right shipping method options and pricing.

E-commerce websites who have lots of website traffic, but low sales can significantly improve their online sales without the need to increase site traffic, by decreasing their shopping cart abandonment. Some retailers can make several thousand dollars per month extra. Companies and entrepreneurs that do not address their cart abandonment will continue to loose revenue monthly.

2. Regular E-Commerce Newsletters

Any e-commerce store and website that has been in business for some time, has an extensive email list of past customers and newsletter sign-ups. These email lists are very valuable to online stores and for increasing online sales. Yet, many retailers neglect to fully utilize their customer databases or email lists. Failing to stay in touch as a business means lost opportunity and loss of potential revenue.

For best results, retailers should give incentives to consumers and site visitors to sign-up for their newsletter. Regular newsletters (twice a month) get best results. Newsletters are a significant tool for e-commerce websites to increase online sales and profitability. Newsletters are very effective with online sales and when properly created and managed one of the best sales tools for an online business.

3. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling products online is the art of increasing order size. This technique is very effective online. It takes the same amount of effort and resources to get a visitor to the website. Why not have the site visitor buy more than one item? To increase online sales quickly, websites should have up-sell and cross-sell features and functionality. For example, someone who buys a Shampoo most likely will also buy a Conditioner. Or someone who buys a facial cleanser will most likely also buy a moisturizer and so on.

E-commerce websites that want to increase online sales quickly should offer their visitors complimentary products that work well with what they are interested in or are buying already. Furthermore, products online should be bundled to increase sales. Bundled products can quickly increase monthly sales for a business. In addition, free gifts with multiple item purchases or free shipping has proven to work very well with consumers and to increase sales.

Companies and retailers that really want to improve their websites and online stores to increase sales can work with experts and professionals to accomplish this. Professional marketing services such as Conversion Optimization or even quality website design services can provide the assistance. Agencies with plenty of e-commerce experience can quickly identify what can be improved to produce more online sales.


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