3 Social Media Marketing Trends For Skin Care Brands

3 Social Media Marketing Trends For Skin Care Brands
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With new social networking platforms appearing every year, it is clear brands must invest into social media marketing campaigns and manage them well. To see the desired results online, social media cannot be ignored by brands. For some brands, it can be difficult to allocate resources. There are many social networks and platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other.

To stay competitive and successful, skin care brands must embrace the social media marketing trends. The beauty industry and average consumer is highly knowledgeable and an avid reader and researcher. For skin care companies, social media is a perfect avenue to find, attract, and convert visitors into customers.

3 Social Media Marketing Trends

1. Social Media becomes a necessity, not anymore an option.

Social media marketing and management has become over the last couple years not an option anymore. Beauty consumers tend to do much research on social networks and expect a brand to have a professional presence. Most skin care brands are already integrating their social media efforts with their content marketing campaigns, and see the impact of it

Brands see an increase in followers, referral traffic, and product sales and customers. Brands have with social media campaigns real results and measurable benefits. Social media also supports other methods of marketing such as Content and Search Engine Optimization.

2. Image-Driven networks increase in popularity and benefits.

There has been a drastic increase in popularity to create and publish images, rather than text-based content. Visual content will increasingly become a critical component of marketing campaigns, and social networking channels. The vast amount of benefits will just continue to increase. Such as referral traffic, SEO benefits, and advertising efforts.

Many image-driven social media sites like Slideshare and Tumblr will continue to grow. Image-driven networks are already becoming a significant part of Search Engine Optimization campaigns, Content Marketing, and Social Media. They are just going to continue to increase in popularity and relevance to brands marketing.

3. Watch Video take over content in the near future.

With the emergence of various social and media networks, there has been a clear evident trend towards video content. Large companies such as Google have known this for some time. This is why they bought YouTube for over a billion back in the day. Now we have many video sites such as Vine, Instagram, and others follow the video trend. These sites provide publishing tools, social sharing, editing, and other marketing features.

Most experts have already stated that video will become the dominant form of content on the Internet. It will replace text and dominate over the use of images. Video is going to take over content in the very near future. As technology improves for bandwidth, storage, and editing, video will be used as easy as images now on social media and in marketing campaigns.

In short, social media will become one of the futures major communication platforms supporting the interaction of the masses on the Internet, very much like Search Engines now. Social media channels will continue to grow in popularity and features. Images and video are going to slowly take over content.

Skin care brands should invest and allocate resources to produce quality and relevant images such as Infographics and videos of all sorts. Once a library of images and videos is created, they can be utilized in social media, search, content, and other forms of marketing campaigns. It is also becoming the new standard and will replace all other forms, in the near future. Brands have much to benefit from, with social media marketing efforts moving forward.

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