3 Ways To Improve Lead Capturing Forms

3 Ways To Improve Lead Capturing Forms
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Websites are such an important part of a business these days. For most websites lead capturing forms are critical. Without the online form, lead generation would not be possible. They have to be properly created. Here are 3 ways to improve lead capturing forms.

Due to the fact that the design, position, and copy have direct impact on conversion rates, it is important to have them done right. There are several more ways to improve lead capturing forms, but these 3 are the most common tactics.

1. Location is key.
The location of the form is key to improve conversion rates. The form should be above the fold, in other words the viewer should not have to scroll to see the form and use it. The form should be easily visible and through design stand out from the rest of the page. The form should be in the upper fold of the page across all pages of the website, not just on the home page. Secondary pages should have forms as well to capture leads and for improving conversion rates.

2. The Button is key.
There are many ways of designing the button. There is shape, size, color, and of course content such as “Submit”, “Subscribe”, or “Contact”. Companies use a variety of words, which have different results. This is also true for the graphic design element of the button. Studies show that pages that use the words “Click Here” and “Go” have much higher conversion rates.

3. Length is key.
Only ask from the website visitor what is absolutely necessary. The length of forms is critical when generating leads online. Companies have to ask for enough information to keep the quality of leads up, but not too much to lower drastically conversion rates. The longer the forms, tends to mean less leads but higher quality. The shorter the forms, tends to mean more leads but lower quality.

To improve lead generation, companies can work with professionals and experts. All improvements made are a great investment into websites. Improvements continue to yield better results even after the work with the experts is done. It benefits companies greatly to make improvements to lead generation and online forms. Website design has often much to do with the results of pages. Websites should be reviewed and analyzed for performance.

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