5 Business Blogging Tactics For A Successful 2015

5 Business Blogging Tactics For A Successful 2015
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Business blogging continues to be the cornerstone of content marketing strategies in 2015. A company blog can bring a vast amount of benefits, when properly done for any size and type of business. Often, a company blog is neglected, not properly setup and optimized, and frequently not enough utilized. This only hurts the business and marketing efforts for the brand.

On the other hand, when properly setup and used, a company blog can significantly improve the traffic for a business website, earn credibility for the brand, and convert interested individuals and businesses to potential loyal customers.

Blogging has become a standard practice for businesses, but with recent changes by Google such as Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, a company must pay special attention to what they are doing. Otherwise, a business website could be penalized in search by Google. Here are 5 business blogging tactics for a successful 2015.

5 Business Blogging Tactics For A Successful 2015

1. Post and write blog articles frequently for best results.

How often and how much is enough or adequate? This is a common question businesses ask. The answer as much as possible, but 4-6 posts per week with articles over 400 words is the minimum requirement for most industries and companies. Of course, competitive markets require more. Blog articles should be written with quality and for the desired target audience. Articles should be optimized for search results for online success.

2. Blog articles should be shared across Social Media platforms.

Every single blog entry should be shared across key social media platforms and channels for best results. This helps Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, content marketing campaigns, and social media efforts themselves. Business blogging is perfect content to share across social media. When properly shared, promoted, and created – blogging with social media is highly effective.

3. All entries on a business blog should be optimized for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is indisputable the king of marketing and advertising. To support SEO efforts of a business website, each blog entry should be optimized for search engines. WorldPress blogs are the most efficient blog platforms and application for this. The reason is that there are numerous free SEO plugins with WordPress blogs that enable the automation and guidance for optimizing each blog entry, resulting in a much more effective blogging marketing campaign.

4. For best results, the desired target audience should be written for.

A business must write for the desired target audience for best results. Companies must learn and understand their desired target audience. What are they looking for online? What are they reading? What topics are popular? These are some questions that should be answered to create better articles for business blogging campaigns in 2015.

5. Use optimized images that are relevant for blog articles.

Each blog entry should include as well an optimized image that is relevant to the topic of the article. The image should be optimized for search engines for best results. This includes “alt tags”, “title”, and ”description” of the image. Some blog applications such as WordPress allow for easy image optimizing and provide the necessary fields for it. Images are most of the time ranked higher in search results than the actual article. Using images is a key method with business blogs.

To learn more about business blogging, the benefits of it, and how to properly go about it, businesses can always work with experts. Professional marketing consulting services for example can quickly help a company with their business blog.

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