5 E-Commerce Sales Tips For Skin Care And Beauty Brands

5 E-Commerce Sales Tips For Skin Care And Beauty Brands
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Skin care and the beauty industry in general is experiencing rapid growth rates. To keep up with this pace, beauty and skin care e-commerce websites are constantly looking to improve their websites, conversion rates, customer satisfaction and service.

Skin care and beauty retailers have learned that consumers for these types of products are “information seekers”. These consumers do extensive online research on formulations, latest trends, ingredients, and product reviews. These consumers are also the online shoppers that diligently purchase skin care and beauty products online from their favorite sites. Consumers already loyal to certain skin care products and brands are motivated by convenience, price, and ease of shopping.

To help out, here are 5 e-commerce sales tips for skin care beauty brands. Learn how to improve conversion rates and increase sales with these 5 tips.

5 E-Commerce Sales Tips For Skin Care And Beauty Brands

1. Use landing pages to entice online shoppers.

Landing pages are such a critical aspect of increasing online sales and conversion rates, yet they are often overlooked by beauty and skin care websites. Shoppers that arrive at a website from search engines or specific marketing campaigns should arrive at specific landing pages for best results. Landing pages are specifically created for certain keywords, campaigns, and product sales. They are highly effective and should be used often. A skin care and beauty websites may have 12-20 landing pages depending on size of the product line.

2. Utilize effectively colors throughout the website.

Colors are a critical component of e-commerce websites. Colors are an integral part of the buying process for skin care products and with beauty consumers. To be more effective with skin care e-commerce websites, color should be used strategically to drive sales, conversion, and customer retention. The website design can be created using color to make elements stand out such as call to action elements, sign-ups, and products for sale or even special incentives.

3. Use the right language with skin care consumers.

Skin care and beauty websites should use the right language with their consumers for best results. Within the beauty industry, there are multiple buzzwords that catch the attention of shoppers and consumers. Brands are most likely already aware of these buzzwords such as natural skin care, organic skin care, anti aging, and so on. Some buzzwords are even much more specific and recognized by the majority of well educated skin care consumers. These buzzwords should be strategically used throughout the website content and key pages.

4. Cross-sell and up-sell on skin care e-commerce websites.

E-commerce websites have the ability to really convert visitors into shoppers when created correctly and by experienced developers. There are many features that can be used with e-commerce websites that enable cross-selling and up-selling of products. These features should be on key pages such as the store pages, home page, and potential landing pages. Experienced website designers would implement these features for more effective skin care e-commerce websites.

5. Beauty brands should be consistent for best results.

Consistency is a key aspect for success with beauty and skin care brands. A consistent branding and representation of the beauty brand across all social media platforms, bookmarking sites, and other channels is critical for success. The message going out should be the same across all channels by brands that want to earn trust with their desired target audience. This also means all elements of the e-commerce website should be in alignment with the brand.


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