5 E-Commerce Tips To Increase Online Sales In 2015

5 E-Commerce Tips To Increase Online Sales In 2015
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Most retailers are concerned with improvements that can be made to increase online sales in 2015. With the summer around the corner, which is a slower season for retailers, many businesses look to make improvements.

The summer is a great time to improve website design, applications, and conversion rates of e-commerce sites. It is a slower time for sales for most and right before the busiest holiday sales season. After the summer, holiday sales season arrives with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

These are things any entrepreneur and business can do to the website to increase search engine visibility, traffic, and potential business. To increase online sales in 2015, here are 5 e-commerce tips that can improve sales for any type of business and size of organization.

5 E-Commerce Tips To Increase Online Sales In 2015

1. Use the company blog properly to drive sales.

Most e-commerce websites have a company blog already, but if there are some that do not, implement one to get started. Blogs are critical to drive online sales and can get a website more indexed by over 400% with search engines such as Google. Blog articles must be frequently posted, properly written, and optimized for best results in 2015.

2. Write custom product descriptions for all products sold.

Retailers often just copy and paste product descriptions from manufacturers, which can have devastating results. All product descriptions must be uniquely written, have proper keywords, and inform the site visitors. The descriptions should be interesting, telling the story of the product, provide necessary details, and answer common questions by consumers.

3. Use short and search-friendly URLs.

All product pages of e-commerce websites should have short and search-friendly URL structures to increase online sales in 2015. It is becoming increasingly important to reach higher search engine rankings. Retailers should review their product page URLs and search engine rankings for those URLs. Then, adjust URL as needed to make them all search-engine friendly.

4. Speed-up e-commerce website and pages.

Site speed will help rankings with search engines, since Google for example wants end users to have better search experiences. Websites that load faster rank higher. Retailers can try website speed tests online for free to determine website speed health. For sites that load slower, there are several steps that can be undertaken to improve the speed of a website.

5. Retailers should make great first online impressions.

Trust is a big factor with consumers and online shopping. Websites must look trustworthy to convert site visitors into shoppers. One of the easiest ways to increase the trust factor online is with design. Retailers that want to increase online sales should use quality website designs to improve the branding, sales conversion, and profitability.

Retailers that want to learn more about how they can improve their online stores and e-commerce websites can always work with professionals and experts. Why guess? Retailers can get a free consultation and learn several ways to improve their website. Often a fresh redesign is the best way, working with experienced professionals ensures proper setup, design, and customization to achieve the desired goals.

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