5 Easter Business Marketing Tips

5 Easter Business Marketing Tips
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As always, many businesses compete around the holidays for business. Many of our holidays create significant markets for businesses to profit from and compete over. Americans spend about $220 each for Easter related merchandise, but this is not the only benefit companies have when marketing around holidays such as Easter. Easter holiday falls this year on April 5, 2015.

As a business, creating marketing campaigns for specific holidays such as Easter, can significantly improve sales and brand awareness. The Easter holiday generates several billion dollars in revenue worldwide. Chocolate alone is sold in the millions during this holiday. Regardless of product and service, a company stands to benefit from gaining visibility during the Easter holiday to promote and sell.

In many cases, start-up businesses and smaller companies do not have the budgets larger organizations have to market during the Easter holiday. Nevertheless, it does not always take larger budget to be effective. Here are 5 Easter business-marketing tips that can help and do not cost a lot.

5 Easter Business Marketing Tips

1. Mail out a direct mail Easter postcard campaign.

One effective marketing method around the Easter holiday is themed postcards. Companies that want to take advantage of the Easter holiday should consider mailing out a postcard to their customer base. It remains one of the most effective marketing tactics and results oriented for the Easter holiday season. Postcards are inexpensive to print and will place the company message directly in front of the customers.

2. Dress-up the company website for Easter.

One of the easiest ways to get attention around the Easter holiday is to dress-up the company website for it. As many companies do around the Christmas holiday, adding some red and green colors and certain holiday icons, the same tactics should be used during the Easter holiday season. Adding some holiday colors and motives is a simple marketing tactic.

3. Easter email marketing campaign to drive sales.

Most e-commerce website operators and companies already know that email marketing campaigns can drive sales and be very effective. During holiday seasons, many e-commerce websites create themed newsletters going out to their customer database. This can significantly increase sales. The same method is used during Easter by many businesses. A company that caters to the holiday in some shape and form should email out a HTML flyer for the Easter holiday season to their customers.

4. Have Social Media incentives and promotions.

For businesses that want to increase sales during the Easter holiday season should utilize social media to promote and give incentives for the holiday. Social media can be an effective platform during Easter to promote and reach holiday shoppers. Contests and certain key social media channel only discounts can be created to drive Easter sales.

5. Paid Advertising is a fast method to drive sales during Easter.

Paid advertising campaigns across key websites and search engines can quickly give a company visibility during the Easter holiday. Paid advertising opportunities can be found on key holiday websites, blogs, website portals, and search engines. A company can temporarily buy the visibility they need during the holiday to promote their services and products.

Regardless of method, there are multiple ways and methods companies market and advertise during holiday seasons such as Easter. The holiday generates billions of dollars worldwide. Companies that want to benefit from the added demand by consumers have to become visible to these consumers. Marketing services are utilized predominantly for this.

A business can always get professional help by marketing experts to assist with business and sales goals. Marketing consulting services can be obtained to gain further knowledge prior to making any investments into campaigns. Marketing professionals in general can assist a company with a wide array of options for the Easter holiday. Get a free consultation and contact one to schedule a call.


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