5 Email Marketing Tips To Increase E-Commerce Sales

5 Email Marketing Tips To Increase E-Commerce Sales
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Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods to increase e-commerce sales. Often overlooked by start-ups and smaller e-commerce retailers, email marketing is highly effective. In a matter of fact, email marketing accounts for over 7% of all e-commerce transactions. This is the second most effective e-commerce marketing method, right behind search marketing (15%).

Email has been part of most people’s life for over 20 years. By now, most of us receive opt-in email messages, specials, promotions, and other offers by our favorite online shopping websites. Email marketing is very effective, when executed properly.

E-commerce websites and online stores compete online for customers and market share. To boost sales, here are 5 email-marketing tips to increase e-commerce sales.

5 Email Marketing Tips To Increase E-Commerce Sales

1. Use the proper email marketing software and tools.

To be effective with email marketing campaigns, e-commerce retailers should choose proper email marketing software and tools. There are many options for companies, not all fits one size. Depending on whether a business integrates email marketing tools into the back-end of their website or use a standalone solution. Proper email software will allow a business to manage, track, and mail out frequently HTML flyers to their customers to increase e-commerce sales. These software solutions come with lots of features and tools.

2. Ask for product reviews with existing customers.

Product reviews drive sales and consumers love them. It is one of the most significant methods to increase online sales. Businesses should use email marketing to offer incentives to their existing customers, to write product reviews on the products they already have purchased. E-commerce websites that want to increase sales, should post product reviews on key pages of the website. Product reviews drive conversion rates, sales, and customer acquisition.

3. Take advantage of holiday seasons and sales.

E-commerce sales can drastically increase during certain seasons and shopping holidays. Valentine’s Day is the next bigger shopping holiday coming up. Throughout the year there are several key shopping holidays. To take advantage of these holidays, email-marketing campaigns can be used to get in front of existing customers, Newsletter sign-ups, and give incentives. Email marketing is very effective for shopping holidays.

4. Contact inactive customers with incentives to shop.

Often customers become dormant for numerous reasons. To increase e-commerce sales, a business should contact via HTML flyers their inactive customers. With the proper incentives, a business can through email marketing get many dormant customers back to shop, with the proper incentives. This can quickly drive sales volumes up and help retain customers.

5. Reward the most loyal customers with gift cards.

The most loyal customers should be rewarded. E-commerce retailers can quickly learn who their champion customers are and offer them gift cards as a reward for being a loyal customer. Offering a reward program for loyalty can quickly increase sales for online retailers. Email campaigns should go out with the gift cards and special offers to the most loyal customers.

There are many more ways and methods an e-commerce business can utilize through email marketing campaigns to drive online sales. Above are listed the 5 most common ways to drive sales with email marketing tactics.

A business that wants to improve their online conversion rates, sales, and customer service can always work with experts and experienced professionals. This takes out the guessing and allows everyone to focus on what works best. Marketing services by experienced vendors can accomplish this as well as marketing consulting services.

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