5 Facebook E-Commerce Store Marketing Tips

5 Facebook E-Commerce Store Marketing Tips
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The best way to increase online sales with e-commerce stores and websites is through well-executed marketing strategies. A cornerstone of these marketing strategies is social media, Facebook being a major channel for retailers and e-commerce operators.

To take full advantage of Facebook, retailers have to create their account properly, setup and customize their page(s). When this is successfully accomplished, social media marketing (SMM) campaigns are deployed to increase likes, reach, and crossover to shopping pages. The end result is an increase in customers and loyal brand fans.

Facebook is much more than just a social media channel for retailers. It is a place; companies can market, sell, develop brand identity, and interact with customers. To help retailers, here are 5 Facebook e-commerce store-marketing tips.

5 Facebook E-Commerce Store Marketing Tips

1. Enable social sharing on e-commerce pages.

To successfully market across social media channels such as Facebook, companies must enable shoal sharing across all key pages of their website. This is especially important on all product pages.

2. Frequently publish and vary brand’s content.

Companies that want to have better conversion with Facebook should frequently publish content, but also vary the content. Variation of different topics and types of entries creates better results.

3. Be engaging with customers and audience.

Post items that encourages the audience to get involved. Companies should reply and comment on posts by the audience and customers. Facebook can be very interactive, a two-way PR street for e-commerce operators and retailers.

4. Promote incentives and market promotions.

Facebook can reach a very large audience, especially when adding paid advertising to promote specials and incentives. Companies should create discount codes specifically for their Facebook followers to drive sales and promote specials and other incentives.

5. Use all forms of media to attract new customers.

Successful Facebook pages use all forms of media to attract new customers for example blog articles, shared news, videos, images such as Infographics, quotes, and other types. Topics should vary as much as the forms of media for best results.

Companies that want to ensure they have the proper social media campaign with Facebook can always work with professionals and experts to achieve best possible results. Professional marketing services such as Social Media Marketing (SMM) services with a quality agency will manage Facebook for a retailer and other social media channels.

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