5 Fast Ways To Increase Conversion Rates

5 Fast Ways To Increase Conversion Rates
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Increasing conversion rates for websites and online stores is absolutely a critical to success. Having a strong conversion rate is the cornerstone of generating high sales volumes. Companies that want to increase sales quickly should look at these 5 fast ways to increase conversion rates.

Many entrepreneurs and companies fail to realize the importance of conversion rates. It is simply put a mathematical realization that most businesses need to come to turns with. For example, if a specific website has a 2% conversion rate, moving up to 3% is actually a 50% increase in results.

Very often with conversion rates, small adjustments lead to significant improvements. A few small and a couple larger adjustments and a business can drastically increase sales and profitability.

5 Fast Ways To Increase Conversion Rates

1. Must do A/B Testing
There is not secret in the process. Test, test, and test some more. A/B testing or also called split testing is a technique for increasing a website’s conversion rate. A business creates an alternative version (home page, store page, landing page etc.), each version is tested for results. The version with more conversion wins. It is a method to not guess and statically make improvements.

2. Increase the trust factor.
Trust is an important subject online. Consumers and potential customers will not sign-up, buy, or contact a business if they feel it is untrustworthy. Therefore, businesses that want to succeed online will have to commit to earning the trust of potential customers. Trust can be earned online through guarantees, reviews, testimonials, awards, and other tactics. Also, through having a professional website design.

3. Offer incentives to motivate.
Face it, consumers just as much as you and I go online to get deals. Businesses must offer incentives to motivate site visitors into action to buy. Companies that fail to offer proper and frequent incentives will have lower conversion rates and sales. To increase conversion rates, simply start offering a variety of incentives to site visitor and note, which incentives have, better results. Then, repeat those.

4. Make it easy and simple.
Still too many websites get this wrong. To increase conversion rates, websites must be very user-friendly. Sites should be developed and architected in an easy and simple way to allow visitors to quickly find what they look for and execute the functions available. The simpler online stores are and checkouts, the more sales they usually generate from the traffic.

5. Have a Responsive Design website.
It is not a choice anymore. Since last year, Google has stated that websites that are not responsive will start loosing the ability to perform as good as website that are up-to-date with technology. Sites, which work across all major platforms such as tablets, smart phones, and computers.

Companies that are not sure how to go about improving their websites and conversion rates can hire professionals. Experts or professional marketing services will offer Conversion Optimization services, which improve the conversion rates of websites.

Increase Conversion Rates

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