5 Great Video Creation Tools For Online Video Marketing

5 Great Video Creation Tools For Online Video Marketing
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Video marketing is the fastest growing method and strategy for online marketing campaigns. It is one of the most effective and audience capturing ways to promote and market, in today’s digital global age.

A wide variety of benefits are the results of creating, publishing, and distributing videos online. A company can market themselves, a product, service, solution, or any other message and vision they wish to share.

The benefits of creating videos can’t be ignored by organizations who wish to increase visibility online or are allocating resources for search marketing. To illustrate this in more depth, here are some statistics for video marketing.

Video Marketing Statistics and Facts

video-marketing-toolsVideos increase people’s knowledge of products or/and services by over 70%.

A third of all online and internet activity is time spent watching online videos.

YouTube is the most popular website and second most used search engine.

80% of video watchers online remember the ads they watched.

Website visitors are by 60% more likely to buy a product after watching videos.

90% of online shoppers say, video helps with their decision-making.

80% of website visitors will watch a video, but only 20% will read the content.

Video Creation Tools

1. Animoto

This is a great tool that is very user-friendly, allowing users to quickly create videos. One of the best video creation tools, their templates allow for fast great looking video production. A drag-and-drop interface lets even the novice user create stunning videos for any purpose. For video marketing campaigns, this is a great tool to have and use.

2. Flixtime

This is another great video creation tool that can be used for video marketing campaigns. It turns any pictures into a quality video. A picture to video tool allows individuals and companies to quickly create fun to watch videos. Users can create videos for free for up to 60 seconds on Flixtime.

3. Stupeflix

Here is another great tool for creating videos similar to Animoto, this video-creating tool comes with free themes, music, and an easy to use interface for the user. The great thing with Stupeflix is that they allow you to create videos free for up to 60 seconds which is twice as long as Animoto. Additional themes can be as well deployed.

4. Kioza

This is one more very simple to use video creation tool for online marketing campaigns. With additional themes and templates, Kioza allows users to create videos in several minutes. A video creation service much like the above catering to the fastest growing communication method online.

5. GoAnimate

This video creation tool is slightly different from the other above. This tool is unique that it allows users to create short animations. As with most the free account is limited, and with paid subscription more features etc. are given. Free account with GoAnimate lets users create pre-drawn figures videos. Paid accounts allow users to draw to video.

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