5 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

5 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips
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The holiday season is here and as a business, it is a great time to ramp-up the social media marketing campaigns. Social media platforms are were many consumers and customers spend their time in today’s digital and social world. People get gift ideas for the holidays from social media channels and much more these days.

Companies and businesses that want to improve their social media marketing campaigns, can do this starting November to take full advantage of the shopping holidays coming up in November and December. With consumers spending hours on social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, brands can easily reach their demographics with social media marketing.

Companies that do no take advantage of Social Media Marketing (SMM) around the shopping holidays face strong competition from the brands that do advertise on social media and make their promotions, deals, and incentives visible. Social media is playing a significant role in holiday consumer behavior and shopping activities. Here are 5 holiday marketing tips for social media.

5 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Give back as a business through Charity around the holidays.

The holidays tend to be a time for giving and charity. When companies tie charitable causes to their holiday promotions, they have better chances of a sale. Social media is a perfect platform for charity and holiday seasons that companies can be part of. Conscious companies tend to be involved with charity causes throughout the entire year, but around the holidays, it can be advertised by the brand to generate potential sales and get their customers involved as well.

2. Inspire engagement through social media around the holidays.

Companies that inspire engagement of their customers and potential customer see more success on social media channels around the holidays. Contests, surveys, and giveaways can all be great tools for companies around the holidays and on social media platforms. A brand can get their target audience engaged in fun related activities around the holidays.

3. Use social media paid advertising campaigns around the holidays.

Paid advertising campaigns can be very beneficial to a business, especially around the shopping holidays. Social media channels such as Facebook, allow a business to be very specific with whom they are trying to reach by demographic. This allows a brand to reach a very specific demographic for their products and offers. With set budgets and easy management of campaigns, social media paid advertising can be a great marketing method around the major shopping holidays.

4. Create social media marketing campaigns with pop culture classics.

Any brand that utilizes pop culture favorites within their marketing campaigns and on social media will see better results. Pop culture classics such as Christmas songs, jingles, certain sayings, movies, and events can all be considered pop culture classics that people can identify with and relate too. Companies that use pop culture around the holidays will have a more familiar approach with consumers.

5. Post all shopping incentives across multiple social media channels.

Most retailers and companies offer deals and give incentives to customers and consumers around the major shopping holidays. Social media is a great platform to market specials, deals, and promotions to a set demographic and consumer base. A business that uses graphics, videos, and images such as Infographics will stand out much more with their promotions across social media channels. Companies should post plenty of incentives frequently on social media channels to generate interest with offers.

For companies that wish to learn more about social media marketing or would like a consultation about how to take full advantage of social media marketing campaigns, especially around the holidays should schedule a consultation with a company that provides social media marketing such as Illumination Consulting.

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