5 Home Page Website Design Tips To Improve Conversion Rates

5 Home Page Website Design Tips To Improve Conversion Rates
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Unlike a brick and mortar store that tends to have employees that can assist a store visitor and potential customer, websites do not have necessary a life person to provide customer service. This means, websites have to be designed and developed with the customer in mind. This is especially true for the home pages of a website.

To improve conversion rates of websites, the design and development of them is critical to produce the desired results. A website is similar to a store’s main entrance, but without anybody to guide the visitors and potential customers. The website design, especially of the home page tends to have this responsibility in the digital space.

Why are the home pages of a website so critical? Well, there are three main reasons a website’s home page design needs the utmost attention to detail. First, it is the most popular page of a website. Second, the home page URL is the shortest and easiest to share across social media, and third, the home page has usually the highest domain popularity since it is the most shared page usually. Here are 5 home page website design tips to improve conversion rates.

5 Home Page Website Design Tips To Improve Conversion Rates

1. Responsive Design

Websites that are not developed with Responsive Design technology (HTML5 and CSS3), which is mobile-friendly drastically, suffer in results. To improve conversion rates of websites, the website must be developed with Responsive Design to make it mobile-friendly. Over 60% of website visitors access websites with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Responsive Design websites can be properly viewed with mobile devices.

2. Clear and Simple Navigation

One of the fastest methods to improve conversion rates for websites is to make sure the website has clear and simple navigation. Confusing website navigation can significantly decrease conversion rates and increase bounce rates. To improve the results of a website, the home page should have clear and simple navigation system, as well as easy to see and read.

3. Home Page Text

The text created for home pages is the most important content of a website. The home page is critical for search engine results and results in general from websites. The text used on home pages is significant to the improvement of conversion rates. Th text should be carefully written for the website visitor, search engines, and marketing purposes.

4. Website Colors

Colors are a powerful tool in all communication, especially online with websites. Colors convey emotions, messages, invoke responses and much more. The color of a website should be carefully decided upon for best results. Too colorful website often clash with viewers and can get annoying quickly. For best results, choose colors carefully for websites and home pages.

5. Call to Action Elements

Call to action elements are usually found on home pages and landing pages of websites. Call to action elements are incentives given to the website visitors with graphical elements and text messages to capture the attention of the home page visitor and invoke a response such as submitting their information, signing-up, or making a purchase.

For best results, website design should be done by professionals who have enough experience to create the proper platform to deliver the expected results. Professional website designers with plenty of experience know what works and what does not. They can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that the websites and home pages are properly setup and created to produce the desired results.


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