5 Interesting Social Media Facts You May Not Know

5 Interesting Social Media Facts You May Not Know
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If your business is using social media marketing campaigns, these social media facts and statistics may surprise you. Most organizations are not aware of how the social media landscape is changing these days. It is important for companies to pay attention to the changes and evolution of social media platforms and channels.

1. Over 180 Million Facebook Users Are Mobile Only

Companies and advertisers must pay attention to details such as the fact that millions of users on Facebook access the website and content not from a desktop computer, but with a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Mobile ads on Facebook generate over 30% of Facebook’s ad revenue. It is critical for marketing efforts to consider how content is displayed on mobile devices. Are the websites developed with Responsive Design technology (HTML5/CSS3)? This is of course especially true, if the target market is full of mobile users.

2. YouTube’s Reach can be Larger than any Cable Network

Television is not necessary the best medium to reach a certain target market. For example, people in the age group of 18-35 years old are faster reached via YouTube than TV. Advertisers of course have to create, publish, and distribute videos on YouTube to succeed. A single video will not outreach a cable network’s entire programming.

3. LinkedIn has fewer Active Users than other Social Networks

Even though LinkedIn is growing in membership numbers, the active users are lower than most other popular social networks such as Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. LinkedIn is most likely not going to have the same response ratios and success rates with marketing campaigns.

4. Less than 8% of marketers don’t use Social Media for Business

This means lots of people in the business world are involved in social media marketing. Social media is becoming more of a common overall strategy and part of most marketing budgets. Regardless of industry, most markets can significantly benefit from deploying social media marketing campaigns.

5. Over 65% of Marketing Campaigns Utilize Blogs

Blogging is one of the most important marketing methods with vast benefits for brands. Blogging is clearly a focal point of most online marketing strategies. Company blogs are used to market products, services, share company news, resources, and any other relevant information. Blogs drive traffic and increase conversion rates.

For companies and organizations, which wish to have more successful online marketing campaigns, social media marketing is a cornerstone of today’s digital marketing environment. In most industries, it would be difficult to be successful without including social media as a major strategy for marketing and advertising campaigns.

For companies that do not know exactly how to integrate social media in their marketing efforts, can receive help through marketing consulting services. Marketing consultants can go over necessary details with clients, help setup properly all required accounts, and manage the campaigns. For effective social media campaigns, companies can rely on marketing professionals to get the best results and learn more about social media marketing.


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