5 Key Benefits Of Using A Blog For A Small Business

5 Key Benefits Of Using A Blog For A Small Business
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blogging-benefitsAs with so many businesses, entrepreneurs and employees wear so many hats these days, blogging is not another responsibility needed. A business often neglects their blog, if they even have one as part of their company website.

With limited time and resources, a business blog is often overlooked and neglected. Yet, a properly setup blog that is well managed can produce a vast amount of benefits for a business, especially an online business such as an e-commerce website.

Frequently posting high quality articles with optimized images and even videos generates a host of benefits for any size and type of business. Especially for smaller businesses, blogging tremendously can benefit a company in their early growing stages. Here are 5 key benefits of using a blog for a small business.

5 Key Benefits Of Using A Blog For A Small Business

1. Blogging increases visitors to the website.

What most companies do not realize, each blog entry increases visitors to the website. Think compounding interest on a savings account. Creating relevant, quality content and regularly posting it, increases website visitors with long-term benefits.

2. Blogs keep communication with audience open.

There are not too many channels and platforms that a company can communicate with their audience. A blog enables a brand to post as often as they wish and communicate with their customers and desired audience about anything they wish. Participants can share the posts, comment on them, give feedback and much more. It is a great place to test out solutions, services, or a product.

3. Businesses can become an authority on a subject through a blog.

Blogging as a business can quickly establish a business as an authority on a particular subject matter. With enough quality and relevant content published, the audience gains trust and sees the producers of the content as an authority on the subject. Even Google considers Blogs much more of a trusted source.

4. Increase social sharing and link building with blogs.

Blogs when properly managed are a great depository for company content. This content can be product related, industry specific, humor, or news even. Anything uploaded to a business blog can be shared easily. Blogs increase social sharing and link building, which supports SEO campaigns and other marketing tactics.

5. Blogs generate leads and online sales.

One of the key benefits of blogging is the fact that it generates leads and online sales. Blogging when done right has vey high conversion rates with lead generation and blogging also drives online sales. When blogging is done right, a business can significantly benefit from it, in terms of leads and sales.

To learn more about content marketing methods such as business blogging, talk to an expert and get a consultation. Marketing services such as marketing consulting are a great way to learn more about options prior to making any decisions, especially as a small business. To get started with business blogging contact us today for a free quote. We have professional writers that write for numerous industries.


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