5 Link Building Tools To Increase E-Commerce Website Traffic

5 Link Building Tools To Increase E-Commerce Website Traffic
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One of the most important aspects of marketing an e-commerce website is link building. It is one of the most critical methods to market a website online. This method was much easier years ago, but because of many manipulating the system and creating spammy inbound links using keyword-rich anchor texts, Google has made changes to their algorithm to make it much more challenging to gain search visibility.

A successful link building strategy is no longer a manipulative effort, but an effort to create and publish quality content. Unique, relevant, and quality content attracts quality inbound links for e-commerce websites. Quality e-commerce website traffic can result in an increase in sales, lower website bounce rates, and higher profits. It further can result in higher search ranking results and more stable ranking positions within search engines.

Companies, website owners, and marketers that wish to be more successful with their websites, should pay attention to not just link building techniques, but also methods used for link building. To help out, here are 5 link building tools to increase e-commerce website traffic.

5 Link Building Tools To Increase E-Commerce Website Traffic

1. Open Site Explorer

This is one of the user-friendliest tools. A great tool for link building with anchor text data, authority, and follow status. Open Site Explorer is simple, easy to use, and provides invaluable data to increase e-commerce website traffic through link building.

Visit Link Building Tool: Open Site Explorer

2. Blekko

This is a new Search Engine that offers a great deal of free back-link data. This is especially true for very deep index. It is easy to use, free, and provides valuable data for e-commerce website link building campaigns that even non-professional marketers can utilize and understand.

Visit Link Building Tool: Blekko

3. Majestic SEO

A well known link building tool within the marketing industry. A quality and well trusted tool for link building, Majestic SEO provides information about anchor text, Class C IPs, authority, and relevance. It allows for great sorting and filtering of the data.

Visit Link Building Tool: Majestic SEO

4. AnalyzeBacklinks

This is a free and simple tool that analyzes back links to a website page and appends anchor text, outbound links, titles, and total number of links. A great tool for flagging links based on selected keywords.

Visit Link Building Tool: AnalyzeBacklinks

5. BuzzStream’s Link Building

The BuzzStream’s link building query generator is one of the more popular tools. Query generators are the original link automation tools. The tool takes keywords and automatically creates dozens or hundreds of canned searches to find common link opportunity types (guest posts, directories, resource pages).

Visit Link Building Tool: BuzzStream

Companies and e-commerce website operators can always rely on experts and professionals to assist with link building strategies and tasks. Marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) manage link-building campaigns. Prior to committing to an SEO campaign, marketing consulting services can be retained to gain further knowledge, expertise, and details.

Link building can be very time consuming and in most cases, it is best to hire experienced professionals that can ensure proper link building campaigns and return on investment (ROI).

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