5 Memorial Day Marketing Tips For Retailers

5 Memorial Day Marketing Tips For Retailers
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Monday May 25th is Memorial Day, a day for honoring our military veterans. It is also the unofficial beginning of summer. Memorial Day is a major holiday and like many other major holidays, retailers offer lots of deals and sales during this time and consumers take advantage of this.

Many different types of businesses take advantage of the Memorial Day weekend. Sales can be found on everything from cars, cloths, skin care, and many other types of products. Lots of sales can be usually found online and consumers shop online for them.

The question many retailers ask themselves is how to attract more consumers and generate sales during the holiday. To help retail businesses, here are 5 Memorial Day marketing tops for retailers.

5 Memorial Day Marketing Tips For Retailers

1. Offer discounts for veterans.

A great way to show gratitude to service members of the military is to offer them discounts over the Memorial Day weekend. An exclusive discount for veterans and even active duty servicemen can be offered to gain additional visibility and increase sales over the holiday.

2. Dress up the store and website.

Retail stores and websites should dress up for Memorial Day. Retail stores can be decorated with patriotic themes. Websites can have some added patriotic designs and themes to join the celebration. Logos are often redesigned to match the holiday.

3. Promote sales and deals online.

Most consumers will start their search online looking for deals and sales. Retailers should make sure they have their deals and sales listed on deal websites that consumers visit. Websites and social channels should clearly state the deals and sales offered as well.

4. Create online coupons for deals offered.

There are many online coupon websites such as Groupon that retailers can take advantage off during Memorial Day weekend. Consumers frequently visit these websites for deals. To increase sales, retailers should create lots of coupons and deals.

5. Utilize customer email lists to promote deals.

Newsletters or also called HTML flyers are a great way to stimulate sales during the Memorial Day weekend. Email marketing is highly effective with e-commerce websites, but also brick and mortar stores. Letting existing customers and newsletter sign-ups know about the deals and specials is very effective to increase sales during Memorial Day.

For best results, retailers can work through professional advertising and marketing services to ensure proper efforts to increase sales during Memorial Day weekend. Marketing professionals often know what works and what does not during these types of sales holidays. Companies can get expert advice and proper support with their sales efforts.

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