5 New Year Marketing Tactics To Bring Results In 2015

5 New Year Marketing Tactics To Bring Results In 2015
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It’s 2015 and the time has come to boost marketing efforts and implement the right marketing strategies to bring the desired results in 2015. For any size company and start-ups even, the question is always what marketing efforts to pursue, how to allocate the available budget to increase visibility, sales, and market share.

One of the worst things a business can do is to ignore marketing and advertising. Even without a budget, a company can do many things in-house to reap the benefits of marketing and advertising. Simply focusing on sales is a much harder road traveled. The New Year has arrived and in 2015 certain specific marketing tactics will work greatly and better than others.

For any type of company and size, here are 5 New Year marketing tactics to bring results in 2015. Organizations can as well work with experts to help them out define what will work for their business and industry. Marketing consulting services are a great short-term solution to get help without long-term contracts and agreements.

5 New Year Marketing Tactics To Bring Results In 2015

Explore mobile marketing opportunities and use them.

Over 7 billion mobile subscriptions in the world as of 2014, the International Telecommunication Union reported. Smart phones and tablets are the future of communication. Some people even believe that mobile devices will replace personal computers. A business that wants to take advantage in 2015 and moving forward of this vast market must launch marketing and advertising campaigns for mobile devices and users. Websites and email campaigns should be optimized for mobile viewers.

All websites should be converted in 2015 to Responsive Design.

Responsive Design websites are not an option anymore for companies. Any business that wants to benefit from digital marketing and their online presence, must invest into converting their company websites to Responsive Design websites. Over 60% of people who access the Internet do so through mobile devices. Websites that are not mobile friendly are not properly visible anymore. Responsive Design is the standard for the next 10 years at least.

Content marketing strategies continue to be critical in 2015.

Content marketing tactics and methods have been king for the last couple years and will continue to be vital in 2015. Relevant, unique, and frequently created content such as images, articles, blogging, press releases, and videos are most beneficial, when it comes to marketing and advertising online. Regular produced and distributed content that is unique and quality driven as well as relevant to the target audience creates the most benefits for any business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) remains a vital tactic in 2015.

With so many social media channels and platforms, a business can feel overwhelmed. Nevertheless, in 2015 Social Media Marketing SMM remains one of the vital marketing and advertising tactics for any size and type of business. With the average individual spending over 4 hours on social media per day, businesses have a more centralized place to reach their target audience and potential customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are the main and undisputed platforms to reach the masses.

Website home pages should evolved including a redesign in 2015.

Websites that have not changed in a long time will continue to experience losses in 2015. This is especially true for the most important page of a website, the home page. Home pages are critical for conversion rates and improving online marketing and advertising tactics. In 2015, home pages of websites should undergo a well thought out and proper redesign to increase online results, search engine rankings, and conversion rates. A fresh new home page can often boost sales when done correctly.

Companies that feel they do not have the proper expertise don’t have to hire expansive marketing firms that will charge them outrages fees. Marketing consulting services are a great way to learn the necessary details with minimum cost and long-term commitments.

A business can speak and gain the proper knowledge and details from marketing experts prior to spending any money on making changes or launching campaigns to market and advertise their business. In 2015, companies have the chance to commit to results driven efforts and market and advertise their business properly with the desired results.

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