5 Online Marketing Trends In 2015 That Are Critical To Success

5 Online Marketing Trends In 2015 That Are Critical To Success
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Online marketing has gone through several evolutions since the Internet changed the way we conduct business these days and how we communicate. Especially over the last couple years, businesses are finding success through becoming their own media companies and publishing original and quality content online.

Marketers and brands are continually adjusting to search engine algorithm changes that affect marketing campaigns and methods. Over the last couple years, Google alone has introduced multiple changes to search called Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird. Each one has drastically affected marketing strategies and results.

So what are the marketing trends in 2015 that are critical to success? Start-ups and established businesses should focus on these marketing trends in 2015 that are critical to success.

5 Online Marketing Trends In 2015 That Are Critical To Success

1.Content Marketing is critical to success.

By now it is not much of a secret anymore, but many companies still struggle with content. Content Marketing is the creation, publishing, and distribution of content created uniquely by a brand, relevant to their nature of business. Most businesses these days have to become their own media companies. Content marketing is critical to the success of a business. Content Marketing comes with a host of benefits, but mostly this marketing tactic allows a brand to establish authority and gain trust with consumers through creating and providing valuable information.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) requires diversification.

In 2015, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is going to continue to be a cornerstone of online marketing. Unlike a couple years ago, these days’ companies are required to diversify across many more social media channels and platforms. Many newer social media channels such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and many others have grown drastically and are a key channel for many businesses to reach potential consumers and create brand awareness. In 2015, brands will have to utilize many more social media channels to be more effective and successful. A business will have to branch out and use more than Facebook to promote products and services.

3. Image and Video content rules online.

Images and videos are displayed in search results with Google ahead of the organic search results. Marketers have been aware of facts such as this one for some time now, in regards to images and videos. Videos are the future method of communication online and highly effective. There are numerous statistics about how effective images and video are in marketing campaigns. A business in 2015 and moving forward should produce monthly videos and branded images to use in content marketing campaigns and throughout social media channels.

4. Company blogs are key marketing platforms.

By now, it is an expected link to be found on most websites, the blog. Some companies do still not utilize business blogging, which is a mistake moving forward in 2015. Most companies should have a properly setup, customized, and optimized blog as part of their website. Especially, e-commerce websites should have a company blog. The business blog should be updated frequently for best results with images and videos as well as well-written articles that are relevant to the company and industry.

5.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to be dominant.

SEO has been a buzzword in the marketing industry for many years now. It has also gotten a bad reputation due to many firms not deploying ethical practices, explaining in detail their service, or simply over-promising results. When properly done, Search Engine Optimization or also called SEO is the most results oriented and effective online marketing method. Even though with many changes in the search industry, SEO continues to be dominant as a marketing tactic.

Companies that want to learn more about marketing options and how to meet their sales goals should talk to experts. Get a free consultation and learn more about options and methods to market a business online. Marketing consulting services are also available to gain important information prior to making significant investments. A business should get informed and work with honest and reputable companies to achieve the desired results.

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