5 Pinterest Marketing Tips To Increase Holiday Sales

5 Pinterest Marketing Tips To Increase Holiday Sales
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Pinterest over the last couple years has become a marketing powerhouse, especially during holiday marketing seasons. Retailers that wish to increase their online market reach and sales cannot ignore Pinterest anymore.

Many brands still have a vague view of what Pinterest can do for their online visibility, brand, and sales. The numbers are clear. With over 10 million users, 25 million visitors per month, Pinterest draws more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

During holiday seasons, retailers gear-up marketing campaigns to reach their desired target audiences. Thanksgiving, Black Fridays, Christmas, Valentine’s, and other holidays drive shopping and sales. Pinterest is an important platform to market during the holiday season.

Pinterest Benefits

A Pinterest Pin is Seen Forever

Unlike some other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, an entry on Pinterest boards is fixed. Visitors do not have to go backwards on a wall, but choose a board (topic of interest) and view the entries. During the holiday season, brands and retailers can create gift idea boards, product boards, and many other to promote the sale of their products. Martha Steward has over 100 Pinterest boards.

Pinterest Content is Easily Searchable

Content on Pinterest can be easily searchable by holiday shoppers and website visitors. Content can be searched by keywords, hashtags, and categories. Makes it easy for online shoppers to browse through boards, topics, and products. This further supports marketing efforts and online holiday sales.

5 Pinterest Marketing Tips

1. Pin images with goal in mind.

Retailers and marketers main goal with Pinterest is to maximize its exposure with likes, comments, new followers, and repines. Images should be pinned that people want to pin, like, and share. Retailers should get very organized and pin with goal in mind for best results.

2. Create keyword oriented Pinterest boards.

To be most effective, companies and retailers should create boards keyword oriented. For example, a skin care brand may create boards with keywords such as “skin care products”, “skin care gift ideas”, “skin care shopping deals”, and so on. Keyword oriented boards get best search ranking results.

3. Optimize Pinterest images when populating boards.

Images uploaded to Pinterest should be optimized for search-ability, performance, and online sales. Creating for each image, an image name, title, and description will optimize images on Pinterest. These items affect search rankings and social media marketing.

4. Content is necessary for sales success with Pinterest.

Frequency does matter with Pinterest. Companies and retailers must pin and upload images frequently for best results. At least one image per day is recommended. Many boards should be created, covering most important keywords and topics. During the holiday shopping season, a lot of content is published.

5. Deploy Analytics, study reports, and make adjustments.

Measuring and paying attention to marketing efforts through Pinterest, allows retailers and brands to make proper adjustments. Statistics help with optimization and fine-tuning of social media marketing and Pinterest as well as results. With traffic, each improvement can significantly increase sales.

To get assistance with Pinterest marketing opportunities and holiday sales season marketing, companies and retailers can always work with experts. Marketing services can assist clients with Pinterest and holiday seasons. Consulting services such as marketing consulting services may be of help as well. Regardless of method, companies and retailers have much to gain from Pinterest, especially during holiday seasons and sales.


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