5 Reasons Magento Is The Most Preferred E-commerce Application

5 Reasons Magento Is The Most Preferred E-commerce Application
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From start-up ventures to fully established businesses, e-commerce websites are a critical aspect of so many different types of businesses. Companies have various reasons for becoming online merchants and of course sell many different types of products. One remains the same amongst all types of businesses, the need to have a quality e-commerce solution and shopping cart.

Magento is an open-source (free) e-commerce application that offers users unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Magento has a strong reputation for being one of the most reliable amongst online shopping carts, considering the return on investment (ROI). The Magento application software is open-source, companies just need to find an experienced vendor and pay to get Magento properly installed and customized with quality website design.

5 Reasons Magento Is The Most Preferred E-commerce Application

1. Magento is Open-Source

One of the main reasons why Magento is the most preferred e-commerce application for businesses and websites is the simply fact that it is open-source, which means free. Companies have to only pay a website designer or company to create their website. There are no set fees or monthly fees for using Magento.

2. Magento is Customizable

The other key reason Magento is the most preferred application for e-commerce websites is that websites and online stores are customizable. With open-source, a business can have a flexible e-commerce solution that is customizable. Many hosted or leased solutions are very restricted with customizing any area of the website or functionality.

3. A Range of Features with Magento

One of the best things about using Magento for e-commerce websites, it provides a comprehensive range of features in a well-organized manner. This allows administrators and businesses to take full advantage of these features such as customer wish lists, email lists, product comparison, cross selling, multi-store, and many more features to drive sales and customer loyalty.

4. Magento is Mobile-Friendly

Since last year, more than 60% of people who access the Internet do so via mobile devices. Websites that are not mobile friendly (Responsive Design), loose out on many opportunities. Magento e-commerce websites are mobile-friendly and take full advantage of people accessing the Internet via tablets and smart phones.

5. Magento is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ready

When it comes to e-commerce websites, marketing features are critical. This is especially true for competitive markets and industries. E-commerce websites must be optimized for search engines and for online marketing campaigns such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Magento is SEO ready.

A business has much to gain from hiring the right website design company to not just create quality design with smart website architecture, but also leading technology applications. When it comes to e-commerce, Magneto is the leading application and platform. A professional website design company can create the perfect website design and integrate as well as customize the right e-commerce solution.

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