5 Rules For Quality Skin Care Packaging Designs

5 Rules For Quality Skin Care Packaging Designs
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The beauty industry is a fast moving market. US beauty sales in the prestige category out-performed sales in other major markets. US beauty sales grew to $10.2 billion in 2012. Brands that wish to capture market share should follow these 5 rules for quality skin care packaging designs.

Packaging design is one of the key elements responsible for the successful sale of a product alongside of the formulation and ingredients. For a skin care consumer to have a positive and great experience with a beauty product, ingredients, formulation process, and packaging influence the experience of a customer.

What else Influences a Beauty Shopper today?

According to several studies, recent shoppers of beauty products in the more prestige category reported they were strongly influenced by product reviews and endorsements. Around 75% of consumers stated this. The next strongest reason given by consumers was “best of awards”. Skin care shoppers stated, products that won awards strongly influence their buying.

5 Rules For Quality Skin Care Packaging Designs

1. Clarity in Design

Skin care products must quickly state what the product is for and the brand behind it. Clarity with packaging designs is the first rule for a successful packaging design. Beauty consumers want to know what they are looking at. With the multitude of product applications, clarity in design sells skin care products. Many packaging designs to clearly, quickly, and in an attractive way convey they key product details.

2. Being Honest

Even some of the largest beauty brands become the target of the industry and consumers for unethical practices and being dishonest. Honesty in the use of ingredients and claims made is just good business. Brands should be honest with their messages and packaging content. Only statements that are accurate should be included in packaging designs.

3. Be Authentic

Much is said for being unique and original. For packaging designs in the beauty industry, being authentic is important to compete against competition. Brands that have packaging design that stands out, have much better chances at attracting new customers and loyal fans. Authenticity in design can quickly set a brand apart from even larger brands and increase product sales.

4. Consider Retail

Another good rule to consider with packaging designs is the sales strategy. If retailing is considered, the packaging has to be within guidelines. The packaging design must also incorporate the shelf impact for best chances at distribution and sales success. The distinctiveness and appeal of the product when placed on an actual shelf is critical to a beauty brand that plans on retailing their product line.

5. Extensibility

Beauty packaging designs should allow the product line to grow over time. A universal look should be created that incorporates all different types of products, a brand offers. For example, a skin care brand may sell facial care, body, and other typos of products. All should have a single branded look with slight product detail alterations. A brand should have a unified look that makes the product standout.

Regardless of niche market and budgets for packaging design of beauty products. These 5 rules apply for better success rates with packaging designs. Brands should carefully consider their packaging, especially with new product lines. Mistakes can be very expansive and time consuming.

Skin care brands that are new or launching a new beauty product, can always get help through skin care business-consulting services. Expert advice and industry experience can drastically help a brand with skin care packaging designs and beauty products.

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