5 Simple Ways To More Clients

5 Simple Ways To More Clients
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Finding clients is not an easy task. This is often the truth for a vast majority of industries and company sizes. One of the most frequent challenges by businesses and entrepreneurs is the acquisition of customers and clients.

The challenge of finding ways to more clients is even more critical as a startup or small business. When getting started with a venture, clients or customers can make or break a business. The lack of them can close a business. Abundance of customers and clients can mean success.

Reading online about how to get clients can be a daunting task. Articles after articles discuss ways that are not that simple. Often more professional marketers should be doing those tasks. To really help companies and entrepreneurs with acquiring customers and clients, here are 5 simple ways to more clients.

1. Develop your referral business channels.
This is too often overlooked even though many types of businesses exist solely on their referrals. One of the simplest methods to more clients is through the development of referral channels. From past co-workers, classmates, friends, association members, network events, and so on. Get others to refer the clients to you. Incentives can be given such as referral fees to increases business opportunities.

2. Use Social Media to attract potential clients.
Social Media is a critical component to a business today. With the amount of time spend on social media channels by consumers; brands and companies can’t afford not to have visibility on social media channels. To attract potential clients, companies should have a professional and well-established presence on all major social media channels. Social Media is great tool for narrowing down in detail the brand exposure to key target markets.

3. Make those phone calls to key prospects.
Many dislike making sales calls, but it is necessary and a simple way to get clients. Make those phone calls to key prospects. Companies must start the sales cycle and invest into sales oriented activities such as cold calling. The phone is still one of the most effective methods to acquire clients. Experienced sales professionals know how to introduce a company, products, solutions and nurture the lead through the sales cycle, until the prospect becomes a client. Regardless of sales skills, a business should make those sales calls.

4. Get involved with Non-Profits.
One great way to acquire clients is through giving. A business or entrepreneurs can get involved with non-profit organizations to reach potential key clients. First give and contribute, meet other executives and decision makers, and grow the professional network. Sales are created often through relationships, which can be formed easier through volunteer work and making a contribution first.

5. Form strategic partnerships.
Strategic partnerships can be a simple way to gain visibility and new clients. Complimentary partnerships often feed each other business, because it makes sense. For example, graphic designers work often with website developers, while website developers partner with marketing agencies. Each offers a different service, but have similar clientele. Companies can partner with other businesses in various industries, as long as it makes sense. Strategic partnerships are a simple and great way to increase business and get clients.

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