5 Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

5 Social Media Tools For Small Businesses
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Social media management and monitoring tools do exactly what one might think. They monitor social media posts and efforts as well as help manage social media channels and platforms.

How and why does a business monitor social media? The data collected from social media platforms with some of these tools, allow companies to improve customer service, sales, and marketing efforts.

In short, social media monitoring and management tools provide access to information that previously was not accessible to business owners and marketers. Social media monitoring allows a business to access raw data.

There are some free and some paid social media monitoring and management tools. They vary in functionality and features, review them and decide which one are currently the right tools for your business.

5 Social Media Tools

1. Hootsuite

This is a very diverse and versatile tool for social media. It offers a comprehensive approach to a company’s marketing needs. This tool can manage and monitor multiple social media platforms. Social media posts can be automated and it comes with a great dashboard for easy management and view.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a great social media tool that posts a company’s data to social media platforms. It allows a business to publish content out of a much wider range at one time. It also allows for monitoring, which helps understand relevance of posts and responses.

3. SocialFlow

This tool for social media allows a business to gain a much better understanding when it is the best time to publish content on social media networks. Strategic timing is critical for maximum results.

4. Mention

This social media tool allows businesses to capture any company mentions across the entire platform. Another great tool to monitor a company’s mentioning, on a social media platform.

5. Google Analytics

A well-known tool for website traffic and much more. This is a free tool that is already used by many organizations. Is it used also for social media? The answer is yes; Google’s Analytics can gather a websites social media metrics in real time.

Social media tools such as the five described above a critical to gaining an understanding of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and social media channels for an organization.

To have more successful social media marketing campaigns, tools have to be used to monitor, optimize, and track progress.

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