5 Social Shopping Websites That Are Great For Selling Products

5 Social Shopping Websites That Are Great For Selling Products
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With the amount of time people are spending on social networks these days, social shopping websites just make sense to brands. Any business that has products to sell should take a good look at social shopping websites.

Selling products online can be a competitive journey, especially for some industries and markets. Social shopping websites add additional value and avenues to generate sales aside from brand’s e-commerce websites.

Did you know that studies have shown that three-quarters of customers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions, with eight in 10 also influenced by their friends’ posts?

Many are familiar with the popular sites such as Etsy, Fab.com, and Pinterest, but here are 5 social shipping websites that are great for selling products.

5 Social Shopping Websites For Selling Products

1. Froomerce

Froomerce is a multi-channel, ecommerce marketing platform that enables retailers to create a virtual storefront, market products across multiple channels – web, social media and mobile – and fully manage the store without the use of highly technical integration. Consumers can browse the Froomerce website across a variety of categories to discover products, make purchases, rate and review items, and share them with their friends on Facebook and other social media channels.

2. Blooming

Retailers can use Blomming to create up to three fully functional shops on Blomming.com, their own blog or website, and within a Facebook Page. Retailers can upload photos of products they want to sell and then set price, quantity and include keyword tags for use when customers search the site. Blomming manages ecommerce transactions with a shopping cart, checkout, payments and tools for tracking orders and contacts.

3. Silkfair

Silkfair offers retailers the ability to create an online marketplace within the site – which it refers to as a “market booth” – and to build a standalone online store. No technical knowledge is required to create a booth or store, but design customization options are included for those that are more skilled at HTML. Shoppers can browse, purchase and share products across a range of categories.

4. Second Shoutout

Retailers and sellers of vintage merchandise may consider the social shopping website Second Shoutout, a site that focuses on antiques and vintage products. The website sells diverse products, including home décor, clothing, art, jewelry, and furniture. The website, which promotes itself as an online version of a flea market, emphasizes sharing the retailer’s “story” with customers through the use of interviews, videos and promotions.

5. Ownza

Ownza website allows anyone to share, discover and discuss products. Registered users create “ownership profiles” with links to products they either own or want. The site also allows retailers to create storefronts or profiles, where they can post links to their products. Ownza borrows design inspiration from Pinterest through a heavy emphasis of photo images and “pinboard” style layout. It also mimics Pinterest functionality by allowing users to add content from anywhere on the web and organize it into what the site refers to as “shelves.” Users receive discounts on purchases based on their level of participation, and are encouraged to submit products and share them with their friends on social networks.

For retailers that have products to sell, a multichannel approach is key to success. Reaching the desired audience and target market involves a comprehensive approach to selling products these days. Retailers that want to increase sales and grow can always work with experts to take advantage of the many sales channels that are available today, including social shopping websites. Consulting services are a great method to gain the necessary knowledge and understanding prior to making any substantial investments.

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