5 Strategies For Building Websites That Increase Conversion

5 Strategies For Building Websites That Increase Conversion
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To get the best results from a website, the website design and development has to be done in an intelligent way that increases conversion rates. Business owners, people, and companies want their website to produce results.

A website should have the proper features and tools as well as give incentives to site visitors to sign-up, give their information, buy products, and so on. Even a blog website that is monetized with advertisement should convert well, meaning ads have to be placed intelligently, so that website visitors click on the ads.

To design and develop websites that increase conversion, several strategies are necessary to reach better results. Not all website designers or web development companies deploy these strategies.

The home page of a website is the most important page for conversion and too often it is not properly designed and created. In addition, specific landing pages should be also optimized for conversion as well as store pages of e-commerce websites.

5 Strategies For Building Websites That Increase Conversion

1. Header of a Website

Too many websites waste the most valuable space, which is the header (top part) of a website. The header when properly build is repeated on every single page of the website and it above the fold. This means that any functions, features, and information placed in the header will be visible to site visitors regardless on what page of the website they are and without scrolling. Contact information, call to action items, opt-in, and incentives should be placed in the header for best results.

2. Home-Page Layouts

The home page is the most critical and important page of a website. Too often the home page is designed and developed in ways that do not produce the desired results. For a home page to convert well, it has to be intelligently and strategically created. The layout of a website home page has to be created based on what type of website it is and for what purpose. For example, e-commerce websites must have on the home page the proper promotions, incentives, and products displayed for purchase without making the site visitor search for them.

3. Site Navigation

A website that has unclear and confusing navigation will loose potential customers and have lower conversion. Websites are still being developed with poor navigation. To increase conversion of a website, the navigation has to be user-friendly, not confusing, and allow website visitors to quickly get to the areas they are looking for with the minimal amount of clicks.

4. Call to Action

For a website to have the ability to generate leads, purchases, and collect site visitor information, proper “Call to Action” features have to be utilized. These features are a combination of eye catching graphical designs, with incentives and offers, and user-friendly executions. In addition, they are placed strategically throughout the website (most importantly on the home page).

5. Landing Pages

Website conversion can be improved by the use of landing pages. Landing pages can be created with specific offers taking out all the distractions for the visitor. The specific landing page discusses, gives details, pitches offers, incentives, and benefits. They are created to increase conversion for the specific product, service, or solution. Testing is usually conducted as well such as A/B to measure results better.

A great method to improve a website’s performance is to hire an experienced company to improve areas of a website for conversion. Another method is to work through consulting services such as technology consulting, which could address website improvements and conversion. A complete new website at times is necessary, if the site is too old.

Conversion improvements are important. The improvements made have long lasting benefits such as increased sales, without an increase in marketing and adverting costs. Websites should be yearly fine-tuned, improved, added too, and so on for best performance, conversion, and profitability.

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