5 Summer E-Commerce Marketing Tips

5 Summer E-Commerce Marketing Tips
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Any business that sells via e-commerce understands the challenges in the summer. The summer brings natural slowdowns in sales. Summer is traditionally a slower time of the year for many retailers. For e-commerce websites, research shows that shopping activity is the lowest in July and August.

There are methods and marketing tactics that companies and retailers can utilize to improve their sales and website performance. To help retailers out with summer profits, here are 5 summer e-commerce marketing tips.

5 Summer E-Commerce Marketing Tips

1. Offer free shipping during the summer months.

E-commerce retailers should offer shipping and handling incentives to improve online sales during slower summer months. Consumers expect free shipping these days as an incentive. Often, retailers offer free shipping with certain purchase amounts.

2. Add summer themed design elements to website.

It is already common practice around Christmas holidays to change-up the theme of a website and online shopping pages. The summer can be themed through design as well to improve sales conversion and profitability. Adding summer related products to the home page (if possible) or adding simple summer designs.

3. Use summer holidays to promote online sales.

Most companies know to promote their deals and sales at key shopping holidays such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other. The summer brings as well holidays that companies can utilize to promote deals such as Freedom Appreciation Week, July 4th or Book Lovers Day August 9.

4. Promote sales and deals on deal and coupon sites.

E-commerce merchants and retailers should promote sales and deals on coupon and deals website during the summer. To increase sales over the summer, retailers can offer their items through coupons on coupon sites such as Groupon. Deals websites are great too, such as Woot, 1Sale, and SweetJack.

5.Take advantage of localized advertising opportunities.

This may not apply to every company, but many can take advantage of localized advertising opportunities. The summer brings lots of people out and about. This offers added opportunities for online retailers to reach consumers via traditional advertising methods such as event advertising and print ads.
To improve summer e-commerce sales, companies and retailers can always work with professional marketing experts. For best results, retailers can get expert advice on marketing services and tactics to improve sales online during the slower summer months.

Marketing services such as Paid Advertising can be effective during the summer months. Social Media Marketing campaigns are highly effective during the summer, since many still are high active on social channels, even during the summer months.


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