5 Tips For Effective December Marketing

5 Tips For Effective December Marketing
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To ensure holiday sales and to make the most of the end of the year shopping season, companies and marketers should have comprehensive campaigns throughout the holiday season. Almost one-fifth of the industry’s annual sales tend to come directly from the months of November and December. For many retailers it is even higher.

December has many special days that retailers and companies should recognize and incorporate into the overall marketing strategy for end of the year results. The holiday season that starts with Thanksgiving in November, Black Friday, Cyber Monday December 1st and then Christmas.

For any business to be effective and produce results in December, marketing and advertising campaigns must be properly executed. Here are 5 tips and opportunities for  effective December marketing.

5 Tips For Effective December Marketing

1. Cyber Monday Marketing

Cyber Monday is December 1st and companies that want to take advantage of online sales must market and advertise accordingly. For best results marketing campaigns should be deployed well in advance. Websites should have proper incentives such as Free Shipping and discounts listed by quality call to action graphics on the home page and other key pages.

2. Email Communication

Email communication is key for retailers during the month of December. December marketing has to include email-marketing campaigns. After all, most retailers sit on databases of email addresses from their customers. During December, it is a great time to send HTML flyers with key information, offers, and incentives to stimulate online and brick and mortar shopping. Quality branded email messages with the right incentives can quickly increase sales during December.

3. Fundraiser Events

Non-profit organizations should have events throughout the holiday season. Companies and for profit organizations can also host fundraising events to contribute to their favorite charities and causes. These types of events are a good reason to get people together and brand awareness can be raised from it. Non-profits benefit as well. They are just overall effective.

4. Holiday Calendars and Cards

Businesses should mail out using traditional mail as well as email holiday calendars and cards throughout the holiday season. Incentives can be promoted, discount codes, and specials. Calendars can let customers know all the important holidays in December such as Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. Holiday cards can be more personalized to each existing customer.

5. Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards are convenient for some shoppers and appropriate for other consumers, regardless of reason retailers can sell lots of gift cards if properly promoted and offered. There is a significant market for them. From the last minute shopper, undeceive consumer, or someone who is buying a gift for an individual they do not know that well. Gift cards and certificates are often the perfect gift. Retailers should advertise them well in advance and promote them throughout the website during December month.

For retailers and businesses that want to make sure they have a successful holiday shopping season, working with experts and professionals yields the best results. Experienced marketers and service providers can properly create, publish, distribute, and manage marketing and advertising campaigns during November and December months.

Marketing consulting services are a great way to gain additional knowledge prior to committing to any larger investments. Marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising, and Social Media Marketing (SMM) help a business gain the necessary exposure.

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