5 Tips For Getting Products Into Large Stores

5 Tips For Getting Products Into Large Stores
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Larger stores are often a desired target for product distribution and sales. Small and large brands can drastically increase sales through adding larger stores as sales channels. So how does a brand go about getting shelve space with the larger stores? Here are 5 typist for getting products into large stores.

1. Have already a professional looking website.
This can’t be stressed enough. Cheap and amateur websites do not produce results. Distributors, retailers, and consumers often expect these days properly developed and designed product websites. With a professional looking website, a brand has much better chances at a deal. Larger stores will certainly review the brand online. Therefore, it is important to have the right look online with a website.

2. Make sure product packaging is of quality.
Many products are judged by the look. We do judge the book by the cover so to say, when it comes to products. Packaging is most of the time a critical aspect of a consumers buying process. This is also true with getting products into large stores. They prefer professional looking packaging that works with their stores. Packaging that is also attractive and will appeal to their customers.

3. Pick the right stores to approach for sales.
Brands should do their homework. Not all larger stores are the right fit. Buyers will ask these questions. Brands must be ready to answer and pitch why their products are a good fit. Stores should be reviewed and researched for comparable product lines and brands. Picking the right stores will make the sales processes convert higher.

4. Have price sheets and price points correct.
Brands mostly get only one shot with buyers. Pricing is one of the most critical aspects of dealing with buyers and distributors. Retailing products successfully often depends on having the right price points. This must be correctly reflected on the price sheets that all buyers will require. Brands should have this ready prior to contacting stores.

5. Utilize distributors and brokers for store sales.
Stores especially the larger chains only buy from distributors. This is why it is important for brands and companies to have their products with local and nationwide distributors. It is the best chance to land deals with larger stores. One of the best ways to deal with distributors is through sales brokers. Brands can hire sales brokers to represent them and open market share.

For brands that want assistance with their sales, consulting services can also be a helpful tactic. Getting products into large stores can be accomplished with help. Consultants can work with brands and take the uncertainty away. Professional consultants already posses the knowledge and skills that brands are trying to put to work with product sales and distribution. Regardless of strategy, brands should be properly prepared and understand the process first.

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