5 Top Retail Website Conversion Tips That Work

5 Top Retail Website Conversion Tips That Work
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In the retail industry there is much talk about how to increase website traffic. Even through this is critical for retailers, it is only half the battle. Converting the visitor into a buying customer is the other half of the battle. Websites can have plenty of site traffic, but lack sales. To improve conversion retailers must execute different tasks than when wanting to increase site traffic. Retail website conversion incorporates different aspects.

Retailers that are just getting started should focus on acquiring quality and relevant website traffic. Then, work on converting the site visitors in shoppers. Existing and more established retail websites should include focus on increasing conversion rates and product sales. There are multiple ways to accomplish this. Here are 5 top retail website conversion tips that work.

1. Display vivid hard to resist offers through clever positioned call-to-action.
Retailers that want to generate sales must give offers to their website visitors. These offers should be vividly displayed through strategic positioned call-to-actions. These offers should be changed out to keep visitors interested and coming back. Incentives can be given through specials, discounts, seasonal promotions, giveaways, raffles, contests, and so on.

2. Show product reviews for each product and display them visitors can see easily.
This is one of the most important decision factors for retail consumers. Customer Reviews! Most people’s shopping decisions are influenced by these reviews. Retailers need to make sure incentives are given to customers to leave reviews. Those reviews must be properly displayed for each product sold through e-commerce websites to increase conversion rates.

3. Provide easy to see customer service options and details across all site pages.
Retail websites should display customer service options on top of the pages across all pages. Consumers want to know that they can reach someone if needed too. Live chat is a great tool for retailers and consumers love this option. A toll-free number should be listed as well with other options.

4. List all social media channels which establishes consumer trust.
Actively kept social media channels can greatly improve the trust factor with consumers. Retailers without a social media footprint often lack sales. Social media marketing comes with many benefits, but one of the main benefits is the establishment of trust between the consumer and brand. These social media channels should be well maintained.

5. Incorporate videos throughout the website to improve conversion rates.
Videos are the future of communication. This is especially true online and in the retail industry. Since consumers can’t touch and feel the products. Videos are the next best thing. Videos are extremely powerful in delivering messages and showcasing products. They are also often utilized as informational, how-too, or instructional videos. Videos can quickly enhance a website and its performance.

For additional assistance with retail websites and improving sales, brands should contact experts. Experts or professionals with experience can help brands quickly identify areas of improvement and how to go about it correctly. Retail website conversion assistance services can be found with most major marketing companies. Retailers should work with a firm that has enough retail experience.

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