5 Ways Pinterest Can Increase E-Commerce Sales

5 Ways Pinterest Can Increase E-Commerce Sales
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These days, online retailers and e-commerce website owners can feel overwhelmed by all the marketing options available. One can feel even more overwhelmed by all the different social media platforms and channels. When it comes to increasing e-commerce sales and gaining customers, what are the best methods?

One of the best methods to drive traffic to an e-commerce website and increase sales is using Pinterest. For anybody that sells a product online, Pinterest is a key marketing channel that e-commerce operators have with social media. Sure Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter are commonly known, but Pinterest yields much better sales conversion than any other social media platform.

To understand better how Pinterest can be highly effective in driving online sales, here are 5 ways Pinterest can increase e-commerce sales for any size and type of business.

5 Ways Pinterest Can Increase E-Commerce Sales

1. Use links in Pinterest descriptions to drive sales.

There are correct methods of posting and pinning content on Pinterest that can quickly increase search marketing results, website traffic, and drive e-commerce sales. One of these correct methods is the use of links in Pinterest descriptions. These links can be highly effective and should be included with most pins on Pinterest boards.

2. Partner with other Pinterest users to collaborate.

Taking full advantage of Pinterest means also collaborating with other users. Brands can partner with each other and cross-promote each other’s boards, products, and brands. As long as the e-commerce shops do not compete against each other with similar products, it can be a highly effective strategy.

3. Create keyword oriented Pinterest boards.

To be effective with Pinterest and increase online sales, Pinterest boards should be created with keywords in mind. Keyword oriented Pinterest boards can drastically improve the visibility of an e-commerce websites, site traffic, and customer acquisition.

4. Involve customers and fans on Pinterest.

E-commerce websites should for best results on Pinterest involve customers and fans to participate. Businesses should use their mailing lists, customer lists, and social networks to promote their Pinterest activities and get as many people involved as possible. Ask to share photos of the product in action and so on. Engaging images shared by fans and customers can drastically increase interest and potential sales.

5. Frequently add and update content on Pinterest.

For best results on Pinterest, brands and online retailers should frequently add and update content on Pinterest. Stagnate and unattended Pinterest profiles do not produce results. To drive online sales using Pinterest, a company should frequently upload, share, and pin interesting and relative content that would be interesting to the desired target market.

To take full advantage of Pinterest and Social Media Marketing, brands and online retailers can always work with professionals and experts. Marketing services with reputable companies can offer Social Media Marketing campaigns that involve Pinterest and other key platforms.

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