7 Reasons To Use Magento For E-Commerce Websites

7 Reasons To Use Magento For E-Commerce Websites
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Choosing an e-commerce application to power a website’s online store, shopping cart, and website itself should be carefully considered. Too many companies get started with e-commerce solutions that do not enable a business to convert sales, market the website, and gain market share.

There are numerous solutions out there for selling online and e-commerce. These solutions range from hosted or also called leased solutions, to open-source, and licensed software. This can make it difficult for a business to understand the differences and what would be best to use.

Over the last several years, one e-commerce application has continued to standout and leads the e-commerce industry. This solution and application is called Magento. The Magento open-source platform is hands down the most robust and best solution to use for e-commerce websites. To understand why this is, here are the main 7 reasons to use Magento for e-commerce websites.

7 Reasons To Use Magento For E-Commerce Websites

1. Mobile Friendly E-commerce Stores

Magento e-commerce stores are Responsive Design. This means a Magento store is up-to-date with the latest technology for websites, which is HTML5 and CSS3. Responsive Design websites allow a website and the store to be viewed properly and correctly on all major devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers. It supports online marketing efforts, conversion rates, and Internet visibility.

2. Scalable e-commerce websites

The Magento application is fully scalable unlike many other solutions. A business can easily grow their online store with the growth of the business and market share. Magento allows for up to 500,000 products and SKUs and manage more than 80,000 orders per hour. This makes it a perfect solution for any size company.

3. Integrated Cross-Sells and Up-Sells

For sales conversion, e-commerce websites have a strong need to be able to up-sell and cross-sell with their customers and website visitors. Magento has integrated tools to enable this, resulting in added tools for the business and enhanced user experience.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Capable

Many e-commerce solutions are not SEO friendly. These websites cannot be optimized for Search Engine Optimization. This hurts the business efforts to achieve rankings in search such as with Google. Magento on the other hand was developed with SEO in mind. This can significantly improve a websites ability to be seen and increase traffic, resulting in potential sales.

5. Magento is Open-Source meaning Free

The Magento application unlike other solutions is open-source, which means free to use. The only cost a business has is paying a website design and development company to create the website. There are no leasing or licensing fees associated with the Magento open-source software. Free is a great reason to use Magento. Over 200,000 businesses use Magento for e-commerce.

6. Simple to Use Content Management System (CMS)

Operating online stores and e-commerce websites should not be a burden on a company. Some solutions are too complex and difficult to manage, but not Magento. A visual-based page editor allows a business or website owners to edit, add, and manage their website efficiently without the need to be a developer for websites.

7. Add Extra Features with Ease

To make an e-commerce website more functional, Magento offers extra features that can be added with ease. The e-commerce application allows a business to add features such as Google tools, PayPal, Ebay, Account tools, and HTML Flyer programs to be seamlessly integrated. This further increases customer satisfaction and can improve customer service as well as online sales.

Any business that is considering switching e-commerce solutions or starting an online store should carefully consider what e-commerce applications are going to be used. To learn more about Magento websites and the benefits, a business can always talk to experts through consulting services to gain a better understanding.

E-commerce consultants can explain the differences not just in features, but also in cost and advise a client properly. This can help a business learn what they need to know prior to allocating the budget and making a decision.

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