7 Tactics To Increase Online Sales

7 Tactics To Increase Online Sales
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Most retailers desire to have more online sales. To increase online sales, retailers have to successfully market online and optimize their website. There are multiple tactics to improve online results with e-commerce websites. Retailers that utilize properly these tactics can see drastic improvements with online sales.

Regardless of products sold, there are tactics to improve the performance and conversion rates of shopping pages, landing pages, home pages, e-commerce checkouts, and overall marketing results. To get started, see the below seven tactics to increase online sales.

7 Tactics To Increase Online Sales

1. Offer exclusive discounts on social media.
To increase sales, retailers should offer exclusive discounts for their followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other key channels. Monthly or seasonal discounts and offers should be properly displayed, structured and advertised for best results.

2. Add additional shops and sales channels.
Having multiple platforms selling products just makes sense. It is similar to having multiple brick and mortar stores. It is a larger net for generating online sales. Adding additional sales channels such as eBay, Amazon, Etzy, Facebook Shop, and so on adds trust to a brand and sales.

3. Donate a percentage of proceeds to a cause.
Brands that donate a portion of their profits to non-profit organizations and causes, rate higher with consumers in trust and image. It can be local or national, companies that are active in donations from their sales should clearly display this fact on their home page and key sales pages.

4. Integrate up-sell and cross-sell tools.
The website should have modules integrated that cross-sell and up-sell products. These should be placed on key pages throughout the website and all shopping pages. These product sliders and comparison shopping can quickly increase sales online for a retailer.

5. Regularly email out newsletter with offers.
Email marketing campaigns convert the highest for e-commerce websites. Retailers should have proper HTML Newsletters with the right incentives going out twice a month. Retailers should have call to action for collection emails through the website. Those then are used in email marketing campaigns monthly.

6. Bundle and package products together.
To quickly increase sales, retailers can just bundle and package products together. You see it in personal care a lot such as a shampoo is sold with a conditioner for example. Two products are sold at once. Any combination of products sold together can drastically increase online sales.

7. Hold contests and giveaway products.
Sounds a little funny that giving away products increases sales, but it often does. When brands hold contests and raffle away products and prices, the buzz created often drives additional sales. Monthly or seasonal contests can drive potential customers to the website, introduce products, and gain loyal fans.

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